Wish List: Energy Savings Around the World

Energy Savings

By Kellie Pearson

The holidays are just around the corner. Children all over the world are making their Christmas lists to send to Santa. Here at Mr. Electric® we have a Christmas list too, except it is not for Santa, it is for you! Our main Christmas wish is for everyone to conserve energy more effectively. Learn how you can make our Christmas dream come true with these four tips.

  1. Watt up: We’ve all been yelled at by grandma to turn the lights off when we leave the room a time or two, and we already all know that replacing old light bulbs with energy efficiency ones trick. But, have you ever thought about the energy savings and utility cost reduction you can get by installing light dimmers and timers? They can enhance the safety and ambiance in your home too. With today’s technology, you can also control your lighting via a user-friendly remote or smart device.
  2. Power down: As our moms have repeatedly told us, turning electronics off when we are away and unplugging any unused chargers will be beneficial in saving energy as well as helping your high-end electronics to last a bit longer – and who doesn’t want that? Installing surge protection in your home will also increase the lifespan of your electronics and prevent you from purchasing new ones sooner than you’d like. You can also install noise filtration to have cleaner power circulate throughout your home.
  3. Sun in: There’s so much energy from the sun that’s not being used! Why not put it to use in your home?! Pulling the curtains back when it’s a sunny winter day can help warm up your home, allowing you to turn down the thermostat a few degrees. Installing a solar energy system will reduce your carbon footprint, increase your property value and save on that dreaded electricity bill while you’re at it.
  4. Tank out: Ever heard of tankless water heater installation? You can eliminate the standby losses of tank systems and reduce energy use, producing water when you need it, where you need it. That’s right: no more cold showers after your unruly relative flushes the toilet or obnoxiously uses all the hot water.

An energy audit can provide an up-close look at the efficiency of your home and additional suggestions for ways to reduce energy your consumption. Nothing makes us happier than helping you find more ways to save on energy and electricity bills.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Mr. Electric! Make sure to get started writing those letters to Santa – we hear he is pretty busy this time of year!