What the heck is whole house surge protection?

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A whole house surge protector protects your home from voltage spikes, limiting excess electrical current by blocking its flow or shorting it to ground, much like a pressure relief valve. This includes surges occurring not only from lightning, but the 60-80 percent of surges that occur from within your home – typically from major appliances cycling on and off. 

Today’s homes and families consume a great deal of power due to the abundance of electronic devices we use to function daily. As a result, damaging power surges are common today even when storms and downed lines are not a factor, with homes near the end of the power line being particularly vulnerable.

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What the heck is whole house surge protection?

  • Hard wired into your electrical box
  • Prevent outside surges from entering your home through the breaker box
  • Mr. Electric recommeds using a professional to install a whole house surge protector

What does it protect your home from?

  • Permanent damage to the circuit boards of all household appliances
  • Bursts of excess energy from larger appliances powering on and off.
  • Downed power lines in your neighborhood
  • Lightning strikes

Which qualities are important in a whole house surge protector?

  • Minimum rating of 50 kiloamps
  • UL No. 1449 safety rating
  • Protect all devices in your home, not only those that plug into a standard outlet.  Internet and phone lines are also susceptible to power surges.