Upgrade Your Home with Versatile Track Lights

Track lights are flexible and great-looking lighting options for homeowners. Learn how to update your home with track lights, from Mr. Electric.

Popular in the 80s and 90s, track lighting, like biking shorts, is making a comeback. Offering flexibility in size and positioning, and now in contemporary new designs, shapes, and finishes, today’s track lighting is far superior to its predecessors…

What Makes Track Lights Different?

A unique lighting option, once installed, track lights offer indefinite adjustment potential. Unlike traditionally wired light fixtures, since the track provides power for the lights, individual lights can be slid anywhere on the track – and adjusted endlessly – to suit your changing needs.

6 Reasons to Upgrade Home Lighting to Track Lights

  1. Ease of Installation
    Track lights aren’t any harder to install than regular lighting, and can replace existing single fixtures with multiple bulbs, allowing for added illumination without the need to cut into the ceiling and run more wiring.
  2. Increased Efficiency
    Like more environmentally friendly R410A Refrigerant, today’s track lighting is greener, featuring fixtures for more efficient LED and CFL bulbs, rather than energy-hogging, heat-generating incandescents. Today’s track lighting also offers line and low voltage options, so if you want to save energy over the standard 120-volt installation, you can add a low-voltage transformer, reducing power to the lamp to as little as 12-volts.
  3. Design Versatility
    Track lighting comes in many different styles and finishes not seen in yesteryear, as well as a variety of colors. They also offer a host of new shapes including straight lines, zigzags, curves, circles and spirals. Choose from two-to-four – or more! It’s easy to find something that fits with any size or shape room or décor.
  4. Improved Functionality
    Track lighting works well as task lighting, allowing for the strategic orientation of lights for tasks from reading to prepping food – and endless tweaking to meet the demands of new or changing needs.
  5. Space Savings
    Unlike floor and table lamps, track lights don’t hog-up space, hanging discreetly from the ceiling.
  6. Warm Light
    Unlike cold, inhospitable fluorescent lighting, which can seem unfocused and excessive, track lighting provides a warm, ambient lighting effect, softening the room.

Where Do Track Lights Work Best?

  • In Kitchens, Offices & Workshops
    Track lights are useful above workspaces such as those in the kitchen or office where directional lighting is needed to provide adequate illumination for tasks, providing multiple light sources to minimize shadows.
  • In the Hallway
    Track lighting offers a more uniform level of light in hallways and long corridors whose corners are left in the dark with single-bulb fixtures.
  • In the Bedroom
    Increasingly popular in bedrooms, track lights can provide indirect light when pointed at a wall, display, or accent cabinet, reflecting light back into the room, or when used in conjunction with a dimmer switch, offering the perfect amount of light for any task from tunneling in the closet to winding down with a book before bed.
  • To Accent Art or Interesting Home Features
    From fireplaces to framed art, track lighting offers the perfect solution for accent lighting, allowing you to highlight certain areas of a room or art on display.

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