The Best Electrical Travel Appliances You Need in Your Suitcase

Mr. Electric is here with details on the best travel gadgets that you can use to help make being on the road easier. Learn more, and travel easy.

In today’s wired world, perhaps the most important things to pack are electrical. Travel-friendly devices and appliances make communication, wayfinding, entertainment, and the comforts of home more easily accessible. Before you’re wheels-up to a faraway land, make sure you’ve got everything you need for the trip.

To make packing easier, here’s our shortlist of the best devices and travel-sized appliances you need in your suitcase:

1)     Electric Toothbrush: Once you’ve tried an electric toothbrush, you’ll likely never return to your old ways again. But the electric toothbrush you use at home might be too clunky with too many tangled cords to take with you on a trip. That’s why many manufacturers have begun releasing electric toothbrushes made especially for travel. They’re compact, lightweight, and often cordless, relying on long-lasting rechargeable batteries instead.

2)     Charging Caddy: In the day and age of e-readers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Bluetooth headphones, charging all your devices can require a lot of plugs. A charging caddy draws power from a single wall outlet and fuels several USB ports to charge multiple devices at once. With varying electric power, each USB port automatically shuts off after each device is charged, so no electricity is wasted.

3)     Portable Mini-Humidifier: Dry hotel air can make breathing and sleeping difficult. Drinking extra water and using moisturizing lotion can only do so much, but a mini-humidifier does the trick nicely. Much smaller than most home humidifiers, these electric appliances are compact enough to fit in your bags but powerful enough to combat dryness when traveling.

4)     Compact Hair Dryer: If you’ve ever wrapped your cord around your hair dryer and tried to shove it into your suitcase, you know that they’re  one of the biggest space-suckers. Luckily, some companies now offer compact models that fold down to a smaller size and have retractable cords.

5)     Mini Steam Iron: Packing dress clothes can be a nightmare because not every accommodation offers an iron as an amenity. A mini steam iron allows you to travel with peace of mind, knowing that every wrinkle from the trip can be wiped away once you arrive.

6)     Portable Speaker: Add the musical comforts of home to any space—inside or out—with a portable wireless speaker. Most are lightweight and easy to carry, making them good for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and more. Some are even waterproof, which makes them perfect poolside companions.

Add any of these electrical travel appliances to your packing list and you won’t be sorry. But before you pack your favorite devices and travel-friendly electrical appliances, you may want to ensure they’ll work at your final destination.

The Most Important Travel Accessory: The Electrical Adapter

 It’s important to note that while your travel-sized hair dryer or miniature steam iron might fit nicely in your suitcase, it might not be compatible with the same type of power socket and voltage used in many countries. Across the world, there are several different types of power outlets and voltages.

To ensure your electrical appliances will be usable at your destination, you’ll need both an electrical adapter and a voltage converter specific to the country or countries you’ll be staying in. Here are some important considerations when picking out travel adapters and converters:

  • There are many kinds of adapters for electrical outlets across the world. If you’re shopping for a travel power adapter, you’ll find yourself faced with myriad options, many of them suited for more than one country. It’s important to double-check that the adapter you select is certain to function in your destination.
  • Know the difference between an electrical adapter and a voltage converter. Electrical adapters are for converting outlets, not voltages. When you arrive in another country, you’ll notice that the holes in the electrical sockets likely do not match those back home. An electrical adapter will convert the layout of the holes to match the pins of all your appliances so that they fit the socket. But what you won’t be able to see is that the voltage of the electricity from these sockets may also be different. So while your hair dryer might now fit into that plug, higher voltage may cause it to make a burning smell or break entirely. Most portable electric appliances have a sticker that indicates the range of voltages the device can handle. Research the standard voltages of the country you’re visiting and bring a corresponding voltage converter.
  • Buy an adapter before you get to the airport. Just like coffee and sandwiches, electrical adapters are far more expensive when purchased at the airport. Plus, it’s not guaranteed that the airport will even have adapters, or that they’ll be the right type for your destination.
  • Small adapters are better than large, universal adapters. It may seem like a smart idea to purchase an “all-in-one” electrical adapter for travel, but in addition to taking up valuable suitcase space, large adapters can be too bulky once they’re in the outlet. If an adapter is too large it can cover the other plug on the outlet. They also often fall out of the socket, especially if the socket is loose-fitting. Buying an adaptor specific to your destination is the best way to go, and single-region adapters are usually lower cost, too!

Without the right electrical adapter and voltage converter, your trip may take a turn for the worse. Your safety and your appliances are at risk every time you plug in.

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