Surge Protection and Power Conditioning: How They Work Together

Surge Protection

Adequate surge protection does not begin and end with point-of-use power strips. Multiple layers of protection are necessary to safeguard your sensitive appliances and electronic devices. You’ve invested a great deal of money in them - now you need to protect them.

Surge protectors and power conditioners: Here they come to save the day!

Whole house surge protection, installed between street power lines and your home, or between your meter and breaker box, offer your appliances the protection they need against today’s common but unexpected spikes and surges. Diverting excess power to ground, these devices protect both your electronics and your wallet from the dangers of spikes and surges that could leave you with smoking gear and a hefty replacement bill.

Because a whole house surge protector cannot handle 100 percent of surges, you need backup. That’s where point-of-use surge protection devices with power conditioners come in. Installed at individual outlets in your home, these devices also shed excess voltage through ground in the event a spike or surge overcomes your whole house surge protector. They also have the added benefit of noise filtering. There are two types: less expensive models that are destroyed internally – but preserve your gear – in the event of a surge, and more expensive models that can handle all but the most extreme surges without destruction.

It’s electricity – why does it need a “noise filter”?

Have you ever been watching TV or listening to the radio when someone in an adjacent room operates a blender or vacuum? Oftentimes the result will be static on your TV or an annoying buzz emitting from speakers courtesy of “noise” transmitted through the electrical lines in your home. That’s where a power conditioner comes in.

Is this the same as a power strip?

Those cheap $20 power strips from your local retail store are not the same as a surge protector with a power conditioner. While cheaper, this is definitely an instance where you get what you pay for - a couple extra outlets and some minor surge protection. In the event of a major event, however, they can fail your appliances and sometimes catch fire. Premium, point-of-use surge protection with power conditioning not only adequately protects your appliances from surges, but also:

  • Filters incoming electrical current and cleans it to provide the correct voltage, allowing electronics to operate safely.
  • Prevents minor drops and disturbances in the power supply to your electronics and appliances that can result in reduced efficiency, higher energy bills and shortened lifespan.
  • Offers filtration between components plugged into the same power conditioner.

Protect your gear and run at peak performance with help from the perfect team. Have surge protection and power conditioning equipment installed in your home with the help of Mr. Electric® today.