Spooky LED Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Spooky Lighting Ideas

Conjure up a perfectly haunted home without the scary electric bill with the latest in LED lighting technology. LEDs are your most efficient Halloween lighting option, using 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs of similar luminosity, and lasting for years of freaky fun with up to 50-times the lifespan of traditional bulbs.

What Kind of Specialty Lighting Tricks and Treats are up Your Alley?

  • Spooky Spotlight: Colored Flood & Spotlights
    Provide broad light across lawn décor or highlight specific features with creatively positioned colored LED outdoor flood and spotlights. Blue and green hues are perfect for creating creepy cemetery settings. Pair with orange and red accent lighting for standout features, such as spotlighting hanging ghouls.
  • Flexibly Freaky: Color Changing LEDs
    Want the most bang for your buck? Opt for color changing LED flood lights and smart bulbs for easily changeable color and use from one holiday event to the next.
  • Another World: Monochromatic Interior LED Lighting
    Choose colored traditional LED interior bulbs in a single color, such as green, red, or purple, replacing bulbs throughout your home for a spooky, dreamlike effect perfect for any party.
  • Sinister Shadows: Mini Strobe Lights
    Mini LED strobe lights are perfect for creating sinister shadows when placed in bushes or trees, creating confusingly creepy lighting flair.  
  • Frighteningly Foggy: LED Water Fountain Fogger
    Alter your existing fountain or create your own wicked water fixture complete with LED lighting/water mister combos and get more boo for your buck: Colored accent lighting and misting fog generation.  
  • Scare ‘em Silly: String Lights
    From single color string lights in orange, red, or purple, to freaky and funny shapes, Halloween string lights are giving Christmas lights a run for their money these days, draped over fences, bushes, and walls.
  • Safe but Still Scary: Color-Adjustable Solar LED Pathway Lighting
    Get guests safely to their end destination while still maintaining the creepy factor with these affordable and easy-to-use multicolor path lights.
  • Creatively Creepy: Halloween Crafts Perfect for Pairing with LED Lights
    For DIY-ers who love crafts or have creative kids, add a little personal flair to your LED lighting choices with these hair-raising Halloween projects:
    • Paper Silhouettes
      Stick black paper cutouts on your windows, then back with translucent white paper to create haunting, LED backlit scenes (think: ‘the shower scene’).
    • Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns
      Google ‘Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns,’ then pick your poison (paint, tissue paper, etc.), and backlight with your choice of LED string lights or LED candles.
    • Ping Pong Ball Light Covers
      Decorate ping pong balls with eyeballs or other Halloween symbols, drill or cut holes, then pop over string lights. LED holiday lights stay cool and won’t melt homemade eyeballs or entrails.
    • Pumpkin Porch Light Cover
      Using inexpensive plastic pumpkin buckets, trim and fit to create petrifyingly perfect pumpkin porch lighting over your existing fixture.
    • Pumpkin Bucket Totems, Arches
      Create an arch with plastic PVC pipe, securing with stakes on either side. Trim/attach pumpkin buckets with zip ties, illuminating with string lights.

Tips for Spooktacular LED Lighting Results

  • Check each bulb is rated for its intended use (outdoors, indoors, with water/mist) before purchasing.
  • Avoid using white lights with colored bulbs, which drown out spookier hues.  
  • Outline walkways in contrasting colors to avoid confusion and ensure pedestrian safety.
  • Place lights on an outdoor time to ensure proper timing, energy efficiency and ease-of-use.

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