Smart Home Wiring - What Are the Advantages?

Electric wiring box with lots of wires. Master Internet connection and wires for smart home management.

Smart homes offer homeowners numerous benefits and conveniences. However, when most people think of a smart home, they think only of smart devices like speakers, lights, and thermostats. But behind all these smart devices is something important: smart home wiring. Smart home wiring is the connection that holds a smart network together and enables optimal performance.

Learn the many advantages of smart home wiring and how upgrading from standard wiring to smart home wiring can provide a robust and full-featured smart home experience.

Reduced Energy Bills

Reducing energy cost often involves applying a proactive strategy, rather than a “set and forget” approach, smart homes are all about efficiency, optimization and convenience. From Wi-Fi outlets to smart thermostats, you can monitor and program most of your smart devices to accommodate your specific needs and optimize performance. It can be as simple as putting Wi-Fi outlets in the kitchen, so you can control the coffee maker and toaster oven with your phone. Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely too, and provide usage and performance data. This real-time data is useful and helps you understand system performance, allowing you to maximize efficiency and lower your overall utility cost.

You can connect home energy monitoring systems for even greater control, all from the convenience of your phone. Learn more about how these smart systems are saving people money and talk to your local Mr. Electric about various smart home options.

Insurance Benefits

Many of us would not pass up an opportunity to save money. Smart home wiring offers opportunities to save that can really add up. With an integrated smart system that includes, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, homeowners can see substantial savings on their homeowner’s insurance. The benefits are two-fold: saving money, and making your home safer. Check with your insurance agent to see what devices and systems may qualify.

Whole House Surge Protection

Even with today’s advanced weather equipment and forecasting severe weather can strike at any time. Plus, as more people work remotely from home, the need to protect the equipment that powers your home office, like using a whole house surge protector is a necessity. Smart home wiring combined with devices like whole-home surge protection can provide peace of mind and protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by power surges and storms. This level of protection is very important for those who rely on their computer or other devices to stay connected.

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Enhanced Wi-Fi Coverage

Whether you work from home, enjoy gaming or streaming entertainment, a consistent, reliable Wi-Fi signal and coverage is essential to make it all happen. Upgrading to smart home wiring can enhance your Wi-Fi connection and provide the coverage and consistency you need to stream, and stay connected. Smart home wiring connects your entire network and creates a reliable, integrated system that will eliminate any dead spots and improve network performance and consistency.

Better Connectivity

A strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal means better coverage and improved connectivity with all our mobile devices, including smartphone. When you consider how often and how much time we spend on these devices, this is great news. But even with the improved coverage and connectivity of enhanced Wi-Fi, there may be times when you want and need the security and reliability that only comes with a hard-wired connection.

A connection that plugs directly into your smart home wiring is about as good as it gets when it comes to security and reliability. So, if you want to ensure that you stay connected during your next important call or meeting, smart home wiring is the way to go.

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Improved Security

As security systems evolve and become more effective and user-friendly, it’s important to understand how these devices should be correctly wired and connected. Camera doorbells and smart locks that you can monitor from your phone are a great convenience, but they are only as reliable as the network supporting them. A security system that relies solely on a Wi-Fi connection can be compromised or even hacked.

Smart home wiring provides a more secure, reliable connection for all of your security devices. So even if your Wi-Fi goes down or is compromised, your security system and all the devices connected to it will remain operational and secure. That’s peace of mind you can’t get from a Wi-Fi only connection.

Professional Smart Home Wiring

There is no denying that a smart home offers substantial benefits, convenience, and superior flexibility when managing day-to-day tasks. Smart devices make everything from turning on lights to keeping your home at the ideal temperature easier. But all this convenience and flexibility is only as reliable as the system supporting it.

If you're thinking of upgrading to a smart home, and would like to understand your current system, or want to discuss various options, the professionals at Mr. Electric have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you setup a smart home for today and the future.