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Are Your Lights Out but Your Circuit Breaker Isn’t Tripped?

When a light in your home goes out, most of the time we have an idea of how to remedy the situation: double check the switch, take a look at the bulb, assess the breaker.

This time, you notice everything appears to be normal and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. What do you do now? Is your home safe? If at any time you feel uncomfortable assessing your electrical issues or you notice loose wiring, call the Mr. Electric® team at (844) 866-1367 or submit an electrical service request online.  

Lights Out, Circuit Breaker Not Tripped

If one or more lights in your home have gone out and your circuit breaker isn’t tripped, what could the issue be?

One culprit could be a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet that has tripped. When experiencing electrical imbalances, GFCI outlets trip much quicker to protect people from electrocution. If you hit the “test” button and it does not click, the GFCI has tripped. By pressing “reset” until you feel it click, you can restore the power to the outlet and any outlets downstream.

Other issues can include loose wiring or outlets. Over the years, wiring and screws can come loose. One outlet going out can impact multiple outlets or lights throughout the house. Most homeowners can tighten outlet screws on their own. If loose wiring seems to be the culprit, contact Mr. Electric for help.

Lights Flickering, Circuit Breaker Not Tripped

If you find yourself in a situation where your lights are flickering on and off, but the circuit breaker doesn’t trip, there are some easy fixes, but also some key signs that it’s time to call a professional. When first turned on, LED or fluorescent bulbs are more prone to flicker when reaching peak illumination, if flickering continues consistently afterward, switch the bulb. Two other non-serious issues with lights flickering could be a loose bulb or faulty switch. These two issues can easily be fixed on your own.

CAUTION! If your lights are dimming or flickering after turning on a large appliance (but your circuit breaker has not tripped), this could mean the voltage in your household is not up to standard. This is a dangerous situation that requires the immediate attention of a professional electrician like Mr. Electric. The other possible cause is loose wiring. If you check your circuit breaker and the wiring looks loose, it’s time to call a professional. Loose wiring is the third-leading cause of home structural fires in the United States.

Contact the Professionals

Working on electrical issues yourself can be dangerous. Our first priority is to keep you, your family and your home safe. Call us at (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment online.

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