How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures

Outdoor Light Fixtures

Does your back porch just seem dreary or dark? Is your front entryway not as inviting as you’d like it to be? Spruce up your space with some new exterior lighting!

Updating your outside fixtures can enliven (and enlighten) your outdoor area and boost your curb appeal. Not sure where to start? Let the lighting pros at Mr. Electric® be your guide on how to choose outdoor lighting fixtures for your home!

Exterior lighting should make your home appear warm and inviting but still complement your existing décor. Selecting an appropriate size, color, style, amount of illumination, and mounting height all factor into creating that welcoming glow for your home.

Here’s how to pick out the exterior lighting fixtures that will enhance your space.

What to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Light Fixtures

1. Size

Strike a balance between a light that illuminates a generous portion of your space but doesn’t dominate the entire exterior façade. A light that is too large can appear clunky and dwarf your dwelling.

The size may vary depending on the location. A side yard or driveway may call for a larger light, whereas the lights flanking your front door should be smaller and more ornate.

For entryway fixtures, a good rule of thumb is to select a fixture that is approximately 1/3 or 1/4 the height of the front door.

2. Color and Style

Next to size, opting for light fixtures that coordinate with your existing style scheme will help improve the overall aesthetic. If your dwelling has brass fixtures or doorknobs, pairing these elements with light fixtures that have a similar brass finish will create a more completed look.

3. Illumination

The end goal of exterior lighting is to brighten a space without being overbearing. This largely depends on the placement of the light and its purpose.

Side yards and driveways or garages could utilize a brighter type bulb or utility type fixture in order to maximize illumination.

Porch, front door, and back deck lights can often rely on smaller fixtures and softer or more dimmed lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Since these are outdoor lighting fixtures, opting for longer-lasting LED bulbs is recommended.

4. Mounting Height

The height of the lighting fixture is also imperative toward achieving the desired appeal. For most wall-mounted applications, lights that are approximately eye-level are aesthetically pleasing. This is about 66 to 72 inches above the floor for most front doors, entries, and garage-mounted lights.

Where to Place Outdoor Lights

In addition to the height, proper location and placement will pull the look together. Entryways and front doors should utilize two sconces or fixtures flanking the door.

Covered deck lighting depends on the size of the available space. If possible, larger fixtures like outdoor chandeliers can look chic if the space allows.

Placement for a garage depends on the size and number of stalls for your garage. A one-car garage may use only a single fixture by the walkway, or could utilize a fixture on both sides of the garage door. A two-car garage with two separate doors may look attractive with three lights spaced on the left, center column, and right side of the garage front.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

In addition to all these considerations for size, style, and placement, the type of light used can make or break your outside lighting ambitions.

Here are a few lighting types available, and some advice on when and where to use them:

  • Post lights: These standalone, stately fixtures work well for illuminating walkways or marking a yard perimeter.
  • Outdoor wall sconces: Intended to light up front doors, stoops, and entryways, these work well to flank the front door or illuminate a side entry.
  • Outdoor chandelier: Adding an element of elegance, these larger, more ornate fixtures could be utilized in a covered deck that has room to spare.
  • Outdoor table lamp: Best for open patios or back porches, these lights can be moved and dimmed as desired to create the perfect mood.

Update Your Home’s Exterior with Mr. Electric

Adding or updating your exterior lighting fixtures can go a long way toward enhancing your outdoor space. Matching fixtures to your exterior design will help to complement your home and generate a welcoming glow to your yard. If you’re not sure which fixtures would work best for your outdoor space, or if you need assistance with installation, Mr. Electric is here to help! Call us today at (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment online. Let the lighting pros at Mr. Electric pair and install the perfect exterior lighting fixtures for your home!