How to Add a Light Kit to Your Ceiling Fan

A wooden ceiling fan with three light bulbs in the center of it

Is your ceiling fan keeping you cool but leaving you in the dark? Don’t worry, you won’t have to replace your whole fan just to get the lighting you need.

Many ceiling fans come with an inadequate, single bulb lighting on their ceiling fan or lack a light fixture altogether. Adding a ceiling fan light kit offers a simple and inexpensive solution to limited lighting.

In this article, we’ll help you learn how to add a light kit to your ceiling fan and more:

Can I Install a Lighting Kit Myself?

Adding a ceiling fan light kit is a relatively simple DIY project. All you need is a light kit and a Phillips head as well as a slotted screwdriver. It may also be helpful to have someone assist you with this task as an extra pair of hands is helpful while you’re on a ladder.

Where Can I Purchase a Ceiling Fan Light Kit?

Ceiling fan light kits are available from your local home improvement chain, hardware store, or specialty lighting store. They typically cost around $20 to $50 depending on the fixture type and features.

Be sure to measure the attachment point (the diameter of the opening) on your ceiling fan assembly before you go, so you don’t end up standing in the aisle scratching your head. Jotting down the company name and style/model number of your fan should simplify this task.

How Do I Install a Ceiling Fan Light Kit?

  1. Turn off electricity to the fan at the breaker or fuse box. Turning off the entire panel is recommended to ensure safety. Double-check the fan is off by attempting to turn it on.
  2. Before removing your fan, ensure it has a housing assembly at its center. This can be hidden with an embellished cover or décor. If you have no housing assembly, you will NOT be able to add a ceiling fan light kit.
  3. Remove the ceiling fan for installation via tabletop for ease-of-access, or if you’re feeling brave and extra-coordinated, install it while standing on the stepladder.
  4. Remove the screws hanging below the fans center holding on the decorative center plate, then remove the plate to expose the wiring. Keep careful track of parts set aside. You should not need the cap, but you may need the screws.
  5. On most fans, dedicated wiring for a ceiling fan light kit will be visible and labeled “lighting power” or something similar. You are looking for 2 wires: A white (neutral) and a black (power) wire that will correspond with the wires on your new light assembly.
  6. Feed the light fixtures white and black wires through the hole in the center plate. Line up the matching wires so they are parallel, then screw on a wire nut to each set: White to white; black to black. The light fixture is now wired.
  7. Screw the light assembly onto the center plate of the fan, ensuring it is firmly attached.
  8. Re-attach the center plate to the fan body, replacing the screws that hold the center plate in place.
  9. Install light bulbs, shades, and pull chains as instructed by the manufacturer.
  10. Re-install the fan onto the ceiling, then turn the electricity to your fan back on to check your work.

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