Adding Electrical Outlets for Holiday Lights

The holidays can be an exciting time of year for you and your family. They can also put your electrical system through more stress than usual. In particular, elaborate displays of holiday lights can be too demanding for your outlets and circuits.

Thankfully, there's something you can do if you need more outlets to support your outdoor light displays — add new ones. For example, adding outlets on the eaves of your home can reduce the number of extension cords you need to make a winter light spectacle. And if your current electrical outlets aren't up to snuff, you can replace them. Newer models of outlets can support devices with greater power demands.

We'll explain how replacing your old electrical outlets, or even adding some new ones, can help improve your holidays in the following sections:

Why New Electrical Outlets Can Make Your Holidays Brighter

Installing new electrical outlets can go a long way toward improving your holidays. Here are some of the key benefits of newer models of outlets:

  • Greater energy efficiency – New outlets deliver power in a more efficient manner than older models. This helps save money while still enabling your devices to run at maximum power.
  • Safety – Newer models, particularly specialty models like GFCI outlets, have built-in safety features that prevent overloads. These features are essential for holiday lighting displays that have a tendency to put high demands on outlets.
  • More potent energy supply – Some modern outlets are capable of delivering a greater amount of power to devices that need it. If you plan to string several lights plugged into a single outlet, or use high-powered lights, then a new outlet may be necessary.

Situations Where New Electrical Outlets are Useful for Holiday Lighting

A new electrical outlet can be useful in a few different situations related to holiday lighting safety. Here are some ways that a new outlet can help you with Christmas lights:

  • Large light displays – The bigger the light display, the more likely it is that you'll need a new outlet powering it. Some modern outlets also come with more ports, so you can rely on the wall outlet instead of using multiple power strips that could burn out.
  • High-powered lighting elements – Certain lights require a lot more power than others. For example, if you're using floodlights, inflatables, or other powerful lighting components in your holiday display, a new outlet with better safety features is a must.

Even if you keep your light display modest, a new outlet can still be of use. New outlets deliver power more efficiently than older models. In the long run, a new outlet can save you money while powering your lights.

How Outlet Installation Works

When we come to install a new outlet, we'll handle all the work for you. To begin the installation, we'll turn off the power and then pull the existing outlet from the wall. Once it is out of the wall, we'll strip the current wiring to prepare it for the new outlet.

After removing the existing outlet, we'll put the new one in place. To do this, we connect the wires in the new outlet to the wires in the wall. After tying them together, we'll attach pigtail wires to keep everything organized. Finally, we will put the new outlet into place and screw it back into the wall. After that, we'll turn the power back on and test the outlet.

If you're planning to upgrade your outlet, a circuit upgrade can help you maximize its efficiency. Explore our circuit upgrade services to learn more.

Make Your Holidays Bright with New Outlets from Mr. Electric

If you have plans to dazzle the neighborhood with your extravagant lighting display, or just want to save some money on your electric bills, some new outlets may be just what you need.

At Mr. Electric, our experts have the knowledge needed to quickly install a brand new outlet in your home. We can even install modern outlets with USB charger ports and other specialty models.

Call us today at (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment to see how a new outlet can help make your holidays brighter and safer.