Got Mildew? Here's How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Are you dealing with mildew and bacteria in your bathroom because you do not have an exhaust fan? Or maybe your current fan just isn’t getting the job done.

An exhaust fan works to prevent mold and mildew growth throughout the bathroom. It’s unpleasant to wash up in a place that doesn’t feel clean due to a moldy situation. By installing a bathroom exhaust fan or replacing the current one, you can restore a clean and fresh feeling to the space.

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Is Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan Grimy?

If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, it may not be as clean as it should be, which can render it ineffective. A clean, operational fan uses suction to draw moisture and odors out of your bathroom through a vent. Then, the fan expels the moisture outside the house.

Over time, a bathroom fan can accumulate dust and grime that prevent it from doing its job. A dirty fan cover or fan blades may not effectively remove the moisture and airborne contaminants from the room. If neglected, this is a problem that often results in mold and mildew growth.

Before moving forward with bathroom exhaust fan replacement, turn off the fan at the circuit breaker, remove the cover to expose the fan, and use a vacuum to remove dust from the fan and its housing. Then, soak the cover in a solution of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. While the cover is soaking, scrub the fan blades with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust and dirt that remains after vacuuming.

Once you have dried the fan blades, attempt to run the exhaust fan again. If it still isn’t spinning optimally, it may be time to replace the exhaust fan.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of uninstalling your exhaust fan and patching up that hole in the ceiling, check out this important information about bathroom exhaust fans and building codes.

Steps for Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement

Here are the basic steps an electrician would follow to replace an old bathroom exhaust fan with a new one:

  1. Turn off the breaker that supplies power to the fan.
    The most important step in the installation process is ensuring the electricity supply is off before starting work. The electrician would then remove the cover and use a multimeter to verify the power is off.
  2. Remove the old fan.
    Some bathroom fan covers have screws holding them in place, while others simply snap into place. Once the cover is removed, the wires and vent pipe can be disconnected. The electrician may need to go into the attic to remove the screws above the ceiling.
  3. Clean any visible dust or grime from the area.
    With the vent fan housing off, it’s a great opportunity to clean the area thoroughly. A service provider will use a vacuum first to remove the majority of the dust and finish by scrubbing away the remaining grime with a cloth.
  4. Verify that the duct is venting outside the home.
    A bathroom exhaust fan must always release the moisture to the outdoors, not into the attic or other enclosed areas. Your service provider will verify that the duct is venting to an outside location before installing the new fan.
  5. Plug in and install the new fan.
    Depending on your fan kit, your electrician may need to attach from the bottom into the ceiling or from the top by going to the attic. The same vent pipe that was attached to your old fan will slide over the duct connector on the new fan. Your service provider will use HVAC tape at the point of connection to secure the pipe. From there, it’s as simple as plugging the new fan into the outlet and replace the fan cover by snapping it in place or securing it with screws.
  6. Turn on the breaker and test the new fan.
    Once the fan is in place, power can be restored to the fan by turning on the breaker. Turn on the new fan switch to test that everything is working correctly.

If there is no existing exhaust fan, things can get tricky fast. Installing a fan from scratch is a complicated process. Contact your local Mr. Electric for professional, reliable exhaust fan installation.

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