Extension Cord Storage

Are your extension cords becoming a huge mess? Try these electrical cord storage ideas to create order and ensure your cords are ready to go when needed.

Are you in a power struggle with your power cords? Lack of proper extension cord storage can be a real hassle for homeowners. The cords may be eyesores that disrupt your living space ambiance or genuine hazards to safety in your home. Either way, you need to find a way to keep them tidy, organized, and safely out of the way, yet easy to access when you need them.

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Benefits of Proper Extension Cord Storage

The right storage solutions for your electrical cords will bring order to your home, but they can also prevent pesky cord tangles and potential cord damage, enabling you to extend the life of the cords. If you have children or a family pet, these storage ideas can prevent chewing or playing with power cords, which can pose serious safety risks.

Another benefit of extension cord storage is you will always know where to find your cords. No more digging through closets or boxes in the basement!

If you are trying to organize cords based on where you use them, check out our pro tips to determine whether an extension cord can be used outside.

5 Smart Electrical Cord Storage Ideas

While there are plenty of products on the market designed to streamline electrical cord storage, let’s focus on free and low-cost solutions you can create yourself.

These five ideas for organizing and storing your cords are simple, and you should be able to tackle each task using items you already have around the house, or by just using your hands:

  1. Make a Loop
    Form tidy loops with the extension cord and hang the loop from a heavy-duty hook. If storing more than one cord, make sure to loop them in the same direction to avoid tangling. Each time you loop around, use your other hand to grab the cord to create consistently long loops. Make sure the hook you choose to hang the cord loop on can support the weight of the bundle.
  2. A Spool of Cord
    Do you have old electrical wire spools around? If not, anything with a similar shape or even the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll will do. Wrap the cord around the cylinder, wrapping in the same direction – not too loose and not too tight. Then, place the spool in a basket or bin, so it is out of sight, but nearby for easy access.
  3. Like a Sailor
    Do you know how a sailor coils a rope? You can use the same method to keep your electrical cords free from kinks and twists. Here’s how to do it using the same technique sailors use to store a dock line or rope:
    › Untangle the cord, so it is at full length.

    › Take the cord in the palm of your hand, leaving one end long, so it hangs loosely.

    › With the other hand, bring the cord across the palm.

    › Then, bring the cord across the palm the opposite way and continue in this pattern – avoid wrapping too tightly.

    › When you get near the end, leave the loop a little longer and wrap the last loop around the bundle of cord and pull through the middle.

    › You can now hang the bundle on a heavy-duty hook for convenient storage.

    › The result is a folded cord, securely wrapped, that does not get twisted and can be uncoiled with ease.

  4. Fashion a Daisy Chain

    Creating a daisy chain, also known as an electrician’s knot, with long power cords and cables, gives you an organized, easy-to-store bundle. Here’s how:
    › Find both ends or plugs on the cord and position them side-by-side.

    › Move your hands down the length of the cord, holding a tight grip.

    › Once you reach the end, grasp it about a foot from the end and form a hoop.

    › Grab the doubled cable one and one-half feet down and match it with the neck of the hoop to form a coil.

    › Grasp the hoop and coil with one hand and reach through the coil to grab the dangling cord with the other hand.

    › Work it up and through the coil forming a c-shape of equal size.

    › Maintaining the cord’s position, reach through the “C” and grab the dangling cord again, pull up, and work it through until you have created another “C” shape. You now have a hoop, two coils, and a “C.”

    › Repeat the reach-through-grab-and pull-through technique until you arrive at the two ends.

    › Pull the two ends through the last coil. This should lock them in place and prevent the cord from unraveling.

  5. Hang Like a Belt or Tie

    If you have a rotating tie and belt hanger, it can be a great way to organize your electrical cords. After following one of the above methods to wrap the cord neatly, drape each cord bundle from a hook on the hanger. This is a way to hang multiple cords easily in a closet or other storage area. 

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