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Electric Dog Fence

Will an Invisible Dog Fence Raise Your Electric Bill?

An invisible fence is a cost-effective and safe option for your pup, but what does it do to your monthly electric bill? Our short answer is that you may notice a small difference, however there are additional factors that can impact the cost, monthly charges, and upkeep for your invisible dog fence.

How Do Electric Fences Work?

Invisible fences create safe yard boundaries for your pet through digital radio frequencies. When paired with a specific electric fence collar, pups receive audible warnings and then electric correction that lets the dog know the limits of the boundary are near. It’s a completely safe and effective way to reinforce pet training and keep your dog safely in your yard without a leash.

How Much Will My Electric Bill Increase?

On average, most invisible pet fence users see an increase of less than $10 per month on their bill.

If you currently have an invisible fence or are planning to get one, we recommend installing a smart home energy monitor to find out exactly how much energy your electric fence is using. Contact Mr. Electric® at (844) 866-1367 or submit your information on our appointments page to find out how you can get a smart home energy monitor installed.

What Electrical Infrastructure Is Needed to Install an Invisible Fence?

To install an invisible fence, electrically charged wires are placed three to four inches underground along the property’s perimeter. A system then transmits energy between the underground wiring to a home base transmitter, most often located in the garage. Pet fences can range in cost and size based on the dimensions of the property and size of the dog.

What Are the Additional Costs of Having an Electric Fence?

Batteries for the collar need to be replaced every three to four months, which can cost upwards of $90 a year. Each system also requires a charger for the collar, which can start at $50. If a new electric collar is needed, you can expect to spend an average of $50 for a replacement.

Between property size, animal size and utilization, invisible pet fences can range a bit in terms of total cost. By installing a smart home monitor, you can constantly track your energy usage to take control of your home.   

If you have any questions regarding invisible fences and how they impact your home, call your local Mr. Electric at (844) 866-1367 or request an estimate online.

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