Do You Need an Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust Fan

Shirt sticking to you? Home smell like yesterday’s fish or your teen’s socks? It may be time for an exhaust fan installation. Figure you’ve made it this long? Those smells aren’t just putting a wrinkle in your nose – but in your health.

Interior ventilation is key to indoor air quality  

Moderating moisture, heat, odors, and pollutants, the blades of an exhaust fan can pull humid, polluted air up, releasing it outside via ductwork and venting, preventing it from becoming trapped in your home and creating indoor air quality issues…

  • Moisture
    Excessive levels of humidity in your home are not only uncomfortable, they can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, mold, and mildew, and worse – even damaging the structure of your home if left unchecked.
  • Odors
    Mom’s apple pie is one thing, but burned bacon, cleaning chemicals, and bathroom odors are better given the boot than left remaining to torture your senses – or your health.
  • Contaminants
    Smoke, chemicals, VOCs, and other indoor contaminants can easily accumulate in today’s tightly constructed homes, creating health issues.

What part of your home begging for an exhaust fan installation?

  • Kitchen
    Not all range hoods actually exhaust air, many simply “filter” and reintroduce it – and particulates – back into your kitchen. If that greasy, smoky, steamy air isn’t exhausted, it will likely show up as a film of grease on every surface in your kitchen that can quickly attract and trap stubborn dirt and dust.
  • Bathroom
    Bathrooms are home of serious moisture – and seriously unpleasant odors. To escape mold and mildew battles, peeling paint, and lingering funky smells, a high-capacity exhaust fan is a must.
  • Laundry
    Trapped heat and humidity from your washer and dryer can really make your home uncomfortable and drive up energy bills, especially in the summer.
  • Basement
    A prime location for dampness and musty odors, basements can definitely benefit from exhaust fan installation.
  • Attic
    Attic exhaust fans can help control moisture levels and condensation that can affect your home’s structure, as well as prevent heat buildup that can make temperatures uncomfortable and tax your air conditioning system.
  • Garage
    From dust-producing equipment to exhaust, chemical fumes, and VOCs that could leak into your home, your garage’s exclusion from living space doesn’t excuse it from needing the help of an exhaust fan.

Don’t spin your wheels

For efficient and safe exhaust fan operation, proper sizing and installation are key. Improperly sized fans are a wasted effort, and fans that are improperly vented into your attic, crawlspace, or roof could put the structure and safety of your home at risk. Ensure the proper installation of exhaust fans, contact a Mr. Electric® professional today.


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