Cut Energy Costs by Starting Simple

Scissors cutting a dollar bill

On January 10, Mr. Electric celebrated National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with home and business owners nationwide striving to save energy by making simple, common-sense changes. Are you ready to take those same energy saving steps for the betterment of your budget and Mother Earth?

Follow us on the path to savings!

  1. Take some strain off your hot water heater.
    Each 10 degrees F you turn down your tank-style hot water heater can reduce your energy costs by 3-5. For added savings, keep heat contained with an insulated wrap, run dish and clothes washers only when full, and shorten showers.
  2. Consider a newer water heater model.
    Upgrading older model water heaters can really amp up savings. New, Energy Star rated tank-style models can save you 7 percent, but improved technology can save you even more: Up to 30 percent on tankless models, and a whopping 60 percent with hybrid varieties.
  3. Cut the lights.
    Always turn off lights when you leave a room. Sick of chasing around light switches after your kids or spouse? Keep the peace (and your lighting dollars) with occupancy sensors.
  4. Upgrade ancient incandescents.
    Incandescents waste the majority of energy as heat, rather than light. Upgrading to new bulb technology can save you up to 75 percent on lighting costs. With LED bulbs now as low as $2.50 per bulb and smart bulb technology adding on so many fun bells and whistles, why wait?
  5. Be on guard against vampire energy drain.
    Using power strips or simply unplugging appliances and chargers when not in-use can guard against volt-sucking vampire energy drains, particularly in high-use areas like entertainment centers and offices.
  6. Retire aged appliances.
    Ancient appliances, especially pre-1980s freezers, refrigerators, stovetops, ovens, and dishwashers handed down from well-meaning older relatives can really drain your checking account. Putting aged appliances out to pasture in favor of efficient Energy Star approved models can put money back in the bank.
  7. Plug those leaks!
    Take some strain off your heating and cooling system – and your budget – by adding caulk, weather stripping, and spray foam around windows, doors, pipes, and electrical openings to reduce leaks that could be the equivalent of a window constantly left open.  
  8. Look to windows.
    Old, inefficient windows can be responsible for up to 20 percent of energy loss in a home. Upgrading to newer, low emissivity,   models can save you a pretty penny – and make for a prettier house.
  9. Smarten up your thermostat.
    Switching to a programmable or smart thermostat makes adjusting temperatures based on occupancy a snap, reducing your energy bill by 1 percent for every degree of adjustment.
  10. Give your HVAC some TLC.
    Your heating and cooling system is the most energy-intensive appliance in your home, and responsible for more than 40 percent of monthly energy costs. Ensure efficiency and keep expenditures under control with annual heating and cooling system service. If your system is over 10 years old, consider replacing it with a newer, high-efficiency, high-SEER system to keep hundreds of added energy dollars in your pocket annually.

Already taken the first steps, but looking for a few extra ways to save energy? Contact Mr. Electric today to schedule a home or commercial energy audit to achieve even greater savings!