Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Looking for some creative lighting ideas for your home? Take a look at these unique ideas from Mr. Electric, and brighten up your kitchen, living room or outdoor space.

Bored with “blah” lighting? You don’t have to be Leonardo da Vinci to give your lighting a little creative kick. These unique, DIY lighting ideas are sure to brighten up any indoor or outdoor space…

Creative Home Lighting Ideas

Add a touch of creative flair with these easy, DIY lighting ideas:

  1. Hang string lights in the yard.
    String lights aren’t just for the holidays anymore. They are now found bedecking patios and decks year-round, draped artfully from fences and walls, spiraling around columns and lampposts, and adorning pergolas and trees. You’ll find them in an array of styles and colors, from throwback Edison bulbs styles to old-school incandescents and the latest energy saving LED technology. Looking for something a little fancier? Dress them up, learning How to Make Wine Bottle Lights with string lights from our friends at Molly Maid.
  2. Install low-voltage landscape lighting.
    Landscape lighting is easy to add to your home, bringing key features of your yard to life, and improving safety around pathways, entryways and stairs. Low-voltage landscape lighting is particularly easy for DIY-ers to install, using a transformer to step-down the typical 120-volts of electricity to a mere 12-volts for efficiency and increased safety in wet outdoor environments. Available in a wide array of styles from pot lights to track and rail lights, pendants, and display lighting in a range of fixtures, lenses, bulbs and beams, you’re sure to find a unique style to suit your tastes.
  3. Install track lights in dark areas or to display artwork.
    Once popular in the 80s and 90s, track lighting is making a comeback in unique, modernized shapes and styles ranging from straight lines to curves, spirals and zigzags. Offering infinite adjustment possibilities, it is the perfect solution to illuminating dark spaces without the need for adding additional wiring and fixtures. How can you illuminate and enhance your home with track lighting?  
  4. Repurpose antiques to make a unique lamp.
    Unique family heirloom or flea market find? Gain inspiration for turning interesting items into a creative lighting masterpiece with these tips from a DIY Network.
  5. Replace visible bulbs in light fixtures with Edison bulbs.
    With a unique, antique look and feel, Edison style light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular. Like illuminated art, the warm, golden glow of these curved filaments and bulbs will add instant flair to any fixture – but at a price. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of Edison bulbs from experts at Mr. Electric.  
  6. Add a dimmer switch.
    Adding a dimmer switch to any light fixture allows you to easily change the ambiance in a room – and save energy!

Looking for a creative home lighting addition that’s a bit more advanced? Mr. Electric can help you banish the boredom fast. Contact us to learn more about the latest in lighting technology and design today.

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