The Best States for Remote Homebuyers

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Today, many Americans can live just about anywhere while working from home. Remote workers looking to move far away from their current residence might not have the time, resources, or motivation to make multiple trips between their current and future cities. Enter online homebuying. Zillow's immersive 3D tours make it easy for remote house hunters to find a new home without ever leaving the comfort of their own.

To determine which states make it easiest for remote homebuyers, we analyzed the number of homes with 3D tours, the average home price of listings with virtual tours, housing-to-income ratios, and other real estate factors.

Key Findings

  • Colorado is the best state for remote homebuying, with the highest percentage of home listings with 3D tours (14.1%) and an overall score of 33.35/50.00.
  • Connecticut and New Hampshire have the largest listed homes with 3D Tours on average, with 3,407 and 3,252 sq ft, respectively.
  • Colorado, Delaware, and Washington are the best states for remote home touring, with 14.1%, 14.0%, and 12.5% of the total for-sale listings that include 3D tours, respectively.
  • Iowa, Ohio, and Kentucky have the lowest-priced, virtual tour-friendly homes for sale on average at $353,463, $359,003, and $360,969, respectively.


To find the best states for remote homebuyers, we started with a list of all 50 states and the District of Columbia and ranked them 1 to 51 based on factors that would be important to remote homebuyers.

Using Zillow, we scraped home listing data across the country to determine which state was the best and worst for homebuyers looking to purchase from the comfort of their home office.

Using the data from Zillow, we created five ranking factors pertinent to remote homebuying. We then weighed each factor depending on how important it would be to remote homebuying. We scored each state we analyzed out of 50 based on those weights. The ranking factors and their respective weights are below:

Percentage of Home Listings with 3D Tours: the percentage of the total number of listings in each state that have 3D home tours

Housing Affordability: the ratio of the avg. home price of listings (with 3D tours) to the median household income

Avg. Home Price of Listings with 3D Tours: the avg. price of homes listed with 3D tours

Avg. House Size by Square Footage: the avg. no. of sq ft for homes listed with 3D tours

Avg. House Size by No. of Rooms Score: the number of rooms score is an evenly weighting ranking for the avg. no. of bedrooms & avg. no. of bathrooms for homes listed with 3D tours; the higher the score the more no. of bedrooms and bathrooms comparatively

The 15 Best U.S. States for Remote Homebuyers

U.S. map plotting out the top 15 states for remote homebuying.


Colorado tops our list, primarily due to its impressive number of online listings available for virtual tours—14.1% of homes available feature 3D tours.

These virtual tours offer remote workers an easier and more comprehensive way to view potential homes without visiting them in person. High-quality 3D tours provide a level of detail that photos alone can't offer, enabling buyers to get a feel for the space right from their living room.

Indiana falls just behind our friends in Colorado; however, it shines in other areas—specifically affordability.

The Hoosier State is one of the top 5 states offering the most budget-friendly homes for remote buyers. It is also in the top 3 states when it comes to the housing affordability ratio, with a home price to median income ratio of 5.9:1. For remote workers cautious about costs, Indiana provides an excellent balance of affordability and accessibility in online home buying.

Finally, Georgia offers its own set of benefits for remote homebuyers. With an average square footage of 2,490, it boasts the second-highest square footage out of our top 3 states.

Plus, Georgia homes have an average of 3.6 rooms, the highest number among the top 3, meaning you'll likely get more house for your money if you move to the Peach State.

The Best & Worst States for Remote Homebuyers


Curious about how your state measures up when it comes to remote home buying? The interactive table above offers an easy way to find out. Search for your state or filter by specific ranking factors—like affordability, availability of 3D tours, and average square footage—to see where it stands in the bigger picture of remote real estate in the U.S.

Take a moment to explore and compare; you might find some surprising insights that could influence your next big move.

Closing Thoughts

The rise of remote work has enabled many Americans to live in places they might not have thought possible. Platforms like Zillow that offer immersive 3D tours make it easier than ever to explore these options from the comfort of your current home. As we've found, states like Colorado, Indiana, and Georgia offer compelling reasons to consider them for your next move.

Yet, it's not just about finding the right home; it's also about making it work-ready. A proper remote work setup demands adequate electrical availability. From the number of outlets to ample lighting, Mr. Electric can help ensure your home office is ready for your work and remote house-hunting needs.