Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Business

A picture of a solar panel facing the sun

Are you overlooking solar energy systems as a viable source of power for your business? There upsides of solar are numerous, a prime reason behind its rapidly rising residential popularity, however the average family home is not where solar energy’s feasibility ends. The installation of commercial solar energy systems has increased 487% in the past 5 years, and with good reason.

An investment in solar energy can pay off for your business in numerous ways:

  1. Reduced operating costs.
    A solar energy system can significantly reduce (and possibly eliminate) your business’ electric bill, paying for itself many times over.
  2. Locked-in energy rates.
    Solar setups allow you to lock-in your energy costs at a mere fraction of current rates – and keep them that way no matter what fate befalls the mighty barrel. Tally these savings over the lifetime of the system – 25 to 40+ years – and the potential is enormous.
  3. Good return on investment.
    Investing in solar offers both immediate and long-term savings. Solar energy systems start returning your investment beginning on day one of their operation, with models paid for in cash typically paying for themselves within 10 years of installation – or less depending on the state in which you live.
  4. Added value.
    In lowering your business’ operating costs, solar energy systems make your business increasingly attractive to potential buyers.
  5. Reliable, hassle-free operation.
    Solar energy systems require little to no maintenance, particularly systems without batteries, operating cleanly, efficiently, and quietly for 25 to 40 years under long-lived warranties.
  6. Decreased carbon footprint.
    Completely clean, renewable, and sustainable, taking advantage of the sun’s freely offered solar energy means reduced consumption of fuels, and correspondingly - reduced greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. A wise investment financially and environmentally, an investment in solar helps advertise how much your company cares about the future state of the earth and its inhabitants.
  7. Government incentives.
    The U.S. government knows that solar makes sense, both environmentally and in reducing U.S. dependency on foreign oil. To that end, they’ve instituted an array of aggressive incentives to make the purchase of solar energy systems easier. These include federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC) of 30% on the cost of a system – with no caps! Your state and local utility provider often have their own rebate and incentive systems for solar as well. Together these incentives could substantially reduce your costs – nearly in half. And let’s not forget Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)!

Help your business look on the sunnier side of things with the help of solar energy systems. Contact a Mr. Electric® professional and discover how seamlessly solar can be incorporated into your business today.