Blogs in July 2022

Flood damage is often obvious in the form of stains, damaged furniture, mold, and a musty smell. What’s less obvious is what happens to your electrical wiring after flooding. If your home has flooded, your electrical wiring will most likely need to be replaced, even if it was only temporarily,...Continue Reading

Interior lighting is an essential component of home design. In addition to providing visibility, the interior lighting in a room can have a major impact on the atmosphere of the space and the overall cohesiveness of your interior design scheme.

Optimal interior lighting can make your...Continue Reading

The standard voltage for your home’s lighting is 120v, but lower voltage lighting can save you money and works well for accent lighting or other non-primary lighting options. This diminished need for energy can also reduce your overall energy costs.

What Is Line Voltage Lighting?...Continue Reading

With building codes requiring GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets, you probably have some in your home or are looking to replace old, outdated outlets with new code-friendly GFCIs. GFCIs have added safety features compared to standard outlets because they will trip when the flow of...Continue Reading