Blogs in June 2022

The definition of an IC-rated or insulation contact-rated light fixture is one that is safe to come in contact with insulation. Most lights generate heat, and if your lighting isn’t IC rated, there is an increased fire risk if the fixture comes in contact with any insulation. Because of this...Continue Reading

If you look up from wherever you're reading this, there's a good chance you'll see a ceiling fan above you. Many homeowners don't give these small appliances much thought until they stop working. To help you better understand how to identify and resolve issues with your ceiling fan, we've put...Continue Reading

Although many homes have indoor ceiling fans, it may not be as common to see outdoor ceiling fans. However, if you have a covered patio area with an overhang or an added structure like a pergola, you could add an outdoor ceiling fan to increase airflow on hot days.

In addition to...Continue Reading