Blogs in March 2022

Electric cars are becoming more prevalent and will only grow in popularity in the future. Despite their widespread use, many people lack basic knowledge about electric vehicles. That’s why we’ve collected and answered six of the most common questions about electric cars and the batteries that...Continue Reading

The first thing many people do in a power outage is find flashlights and candles to illuminate the dark house. Another consequence of a power outage is that refrigerators and freezers also stop working. As food warms up over time, it will spoil, leading to wasted food and lost money. What can...Continue Reading

Power outages can turn your home into a dark unfamiliar place, highlight the smell of that week-old tuna casserole in the fridge, or worse—stop a sump pump from draining excess water from your basement. Power outages can happen without warning, and having a whole home generator can give you...Continue Reading