Blogs in October 2018

Stylish and functional, adding a ceiling fan to any room is a great way to improve your comfort year-round. Ceiling fans will keep you cool in the summer and circulate heated air in the winter. Installing a ceiling fan is easy with an existing ceiling light fixture or when replacing a worn fan....Continue Reading

Are you tired of flickering, humming fluorescent lights? Before you toss your whole fluorescent fixture, consider a fluorescent light ballast replacement. Fluorescent lights need a ballast to produce light. The ballast regulates the amount of electricity flowing to the fluorescent bulb....Continue Reading

Are there certain lights in or outside of your home that when turned on, cause you to cower and cover your eyes? A dimmer switch can make such lighting more versatile, creating a more comfortable home environment for you and your family by allowing you to fine-tune ‘the ambiance’ to your liking...Continue Reading