Blogs in July 2017

Think about how much you use electricity on a daily basis. Whether you’re cooking dinner, browsing the web, or blow drying your hair, you rely on electricity more than you probably realize. You want to know that your appliances and outlets are functioning reliably so they work when you need them...Read more

Commonly used in homes across the country from as far back as the 1880s through to the 1940s, knob-and-tube (K&T) wiring is old news. So old in fact, many don’t even consider it may be lurking within the walls of their older home. Unfortunately, because wiring is tucked away in the basement...Read more

Still scared of that big gray and black box in your utility room? It’s time to face your fear. Why should you get to know this mystery box? It receives and distributes electricity through your home, and without a little breaker panel know-how, you could end up in a dark or dangerous situation....Read more

Both state and federal building codes exist, dictating standards for the home and geared toward the health and safety of occupants. As codes are many and continuously evolving, however, most homeowners remain in the dark as to whether or not their home is ‘up to code’. The vast majority are not...Read more