Residential Electrical Installation

If you love electrical devices, these are exciting times. Today’s electronics are far more user-friendly and customizable – and more eco-friendly and cost-effective – than yesterday’s devices. As a result, we’ve got a lot more to enjoy; it also means we’re placing more demands on our household electrical systems than ever before.

Mr. Electric of Weatherford can perform an evaluation and – if needed – upgrade your electrical system or install one that meets today’s standards. And that’s just one of the many upgrades and installations we can perform for you.

Home Electrical Improvements

Locals count on us to perform a wide range of improvements. Sometimes we upgrade electrical systems to accommodate new appliances or additions to a home. Many of the improvements we make conserve energy and cut monthly utility bills. Others enhance the safety and security of local homes. If you’re considering making an upgrade to any electrical system, call us. Our licensed electricians have the experience and precision to add value and status to your Texas home.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

Many homes suffer from shoddy electrical systems. Sometimes the issue is a structural or age-related complication; in other instances, the cause is work that was never up-to-code. Often these issues remain hidden until obvious damage occurs – or worse, a fire or electrocution. If you suspect that your system is outdated, or if you’ve never had it inspected, call us. We can make any upgrades needed to bring your system up to code, and keep you safe and secure.

Home Energy Savings

In addition to providing expert electrical work, our technicians are also a great source of insight when it comes to energy conservation. We regularly perform energy audits, in which we evaluate energy usage in different areas of a home as potential energy-saving upgrades. We also install highly-efficient lighting systems, ENERGY STAR appliances, and solar power systems. Call Mr. Electric today to learn how our audits and upgrades can help your budget as well as the environment.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

If you don’t already think of Mr. Electric when you think of interior and exterior lighting, now is the time to start. That’s because we offer custom solutions for a wide range of lighting needs. We install practical task lighting. We install lights to enhance ambiance and mood. We install systems that discourage intruders. And sometimes we install new lights just to conserve energy. No matter which lighting you choose, our wiring and installation expertise shows in everything we do.

Electrical Panel & System Updates

Thirty years ago, an average home featured 12 50-amp circuits; today we’re on our way toward a new standard of 40 200-amp circuits. If your system isn’t designed to handle to modern energy demands, it may not be able to safely power and protect your expensive electronics. Let our experts evaluate your system. We’ll let you know if you need more power, or if your system has the capacity to handle your needs for the foreseeable future.

Add Value to Your Home

Many of the upgrades we perform make life just a little better. Our customers enjoy not having to deal with frequently-tripped circuit breakers and worn-out appliances; they love the peace of mind that comes from reduced utility bills and protection against break-ins. And most of the time, rewards like these are more than worth the price paid for them.

Some electrical upgrades offer an even bigger reward: They can increase the marketability and value of your home. Take energy-saving appliances, for example: 94 percent of today’s homebuyers place them high on their want-list. Heavy-duty electrical and data wiring can also increase the value of your home: Nearly 50 percent of new homes built in 2008 included upgraded wiring – a sure sign of an upgrade that potential homebuyers love. It’s a little something to remember if you’re considering an update.

Our Work is Guaranteed

When done right, electrical upgrades can increase the safety and value of your home. But when executed poorly, electrical work puts the value and safety of your home at risk. With so much at stake, you need an electrician you can rely on – like the licensed, professionals at Mr. Electric. All of the work we perform is guaranteed, certified, and in complete compliance with our federal, state, and local codes.

Call Mr. Electric today. Our electricians serve homes throughout Weatherford, Decatur, Springtown, and the surrounding area. And we’re ready to start earning your trust.