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Professional Electric Repairs in Tipton County, TN

Keeping You Safe With Electrical Repairs

Electrical repair services are an essential part of maintaining your home and office. Whether it's a minor electrical issue or a major one, having access to reliable and efficient repair services can make all the difference in keeping your space safe and functional. Mr. Electric of Tipton County offers residential and commercial electric repair services in Tipton County, TN. Our team has the skills to ensure the best possible electrical solutions for your issues. Contact us today to schedule estimates on your electrical repairs.

Professional Electric Repairs in Tipton County, TN

Keeping You Safe With Electrical Repairs

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  • Electrical repair services involve repairing or replacing faulty electrical components in a home or building. Professional electrical repairs can include repairing outlets and switches to updating wiring and circuit breakers. It's vital to address any electrical issues promptly because they can cause severe safety hazards. Our trained service professionals perform electrical inspections to determine the health of your home or office’s electrical components. We use the most effective and safest ways of boosting your electricity.

  • Various types of electrical repair services are available, depending on the type and severity of the issue. Some standard services include:

  • An electrical panel is a crucial component of any electrical system, responsible for distributing and controlling the flow of electricity throughout a building. When an electrical panel experiences problems, it can disrupt the entire electrical supply and pose safety hazards.

    Ceiling Fan Repair Services

    If your ceiling fan won’t work or has issues, we offer ceiling fan repairs. We can effectively rewire your ceiling fan.

    Circuit Breaker Upgrade

    If your circuit breakers constantly flip, you may need to upgrade to a new system. A modern-day circuit breaker helps lower the risk of fire.

    Electrical Code Updates 

    Electrical code updates refer to revisions and additions to the National Electrical Code (NEC), a standard for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection. Our service professionals perform an electrical inspection to determine if you need any updated electrical services.

    Lighting Repair Service

    Our team is highly experienced in all lighting services. We can replace broken lighting parts, upgrade wiring, and repair damaged lights. 

    Electrical Outlet Repair Services

    If your electrical outlets aren’t working, or you want to install upgraded outlets, our team can help you. We can install GFCI outlets, tamperproof outlets, smart outlets, and more.

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Signs You Need Electrical Repair Services

Your home or office is at risk of fire when your electrical components struggle to keep up with your energy demands. Our service professionals will quickly find the problem. Some of the most common signs you may need electrical repairs include:

  • Damaged or frayed wiring
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers or fuses 
  • Sparks or smoke
  • Flickering or fading lights
  • Persistent burning odor
  • Overheating electrical components
  • Malfunctioning outlets or switches

Importance of Hiring a Professional Electrician

While some minor electrical repairs can be done by homeowners, it is always best to hire a professional electrician for any serious or complex issues. It’s important to remember that electricity can be deadly without a trained service professional. Some of the most significant reasons to hire a service professional include the following:

Safety and Experience

Working with electricity can be dangerous, especially if you're not trained in handling it. Service professionals have the necessary experience and training to handle electrical repairs safely and effectively.

Quality Workmanship

Electrical repairs require precision and expertise to ensure that they are done correctly. A trained service professional will have the knowledge and tools needed to provide high-quality workmanship, ensuring that your repairs are long-lasting and effective.


Trying to fix electrical issues on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating. Hiring our professionals will save you time and effort.

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