Neutral Service Conductor Replacement

The Neutral Service Conductor

One of the main wires that runs outside the home into your electrical panel is the neutral service conductor or wire.

In order to protect these wires from water and weather damage, there is a coating or insulation that keeps rain and snow out of the wire and away from your panel box. Insulation used for some neutral conductors prior to 2005 was not UV rated, making it susceptible to cracking from ultraviolet light exposure.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of homes in the St. John’s area could be impacted. Is yours?

This is what it looks like when the wire starts to crack

(This is what it looks like when the wire starts to crack. Water can creep down the wire, corroding terminals and breakers in your electrical panel.)

Why is this dangerous?

The damage to the coating is minor at first - small cracks will form and the coating will dry and shrink. Over time, particularly in times of high wind, rain or snow, the cracking will worsen and water will seep into the cracks. The coating will eventually deteriorate completely and water will infiltrate the wire, making its way into your electrical panel. The water will then corrode electrical wiring and circuit breakers, leading to burned-out electronics and appliances, electrical fires or electrical shock.

This is what water in your electrical panel can look like

(This is what water in your electrical panel can look like. Have your wire replaced before it becomes a safety hazard.)

What can you do?

This is not a DIY project. Dealing with electrical is not like dealing with drywall - electrical problems can bite! The great thing is that Mr. Electric of St. John’s knows these wires inside and out. Call us today to have a certified electrician assess the condition of your neutral service wire and your electrical panel.