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Expert Lighting Installation Sioux Falls, SD

Mr. Electric of Sioux Empire is honored to serve the Sioux Falls area for all of your lighting installation, repairs, and design! We know the important role that lighting plays and the many varied lighting services you may need for your home. Mr. Electric of the Sioux Empire can install many kinds of lights, such as bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, motion sensors, and landscape lighting, as well as perform retrofitting. All types of lighting repairs, designs, and installations that we provide have benefits in the form of security, comfort, energy efficiency, and much more. We proudly serve Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas, including Baltic, Brandon, Canton, Dell Rapids, Harrisburg, Lennox, Parker, Tea, Valley Springs, and beyond!

For all your lighting repairs, installations, and designs, contact the professionals at Mr. Electric of Sioux Empire.

Expert Lighting Installation Sioux Falls, SD
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  • Retrofitting your home with new lights can have various options from LED-sourced to fluorescent or incandescent lamps. All of these options will save you money, improve the quality of the light, and create the desired atmosphere.

  • Not only do we do residential lighting, but we also service commercial properties for specialty lighting. Allowing you to have an upgraded but functional look, our custom lighting service will help your business save money while creating a safer and more welcoming environment.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Bathroom and kitchen lighting are essential parts of your home, both aesthetically and functionally. They can help improve your mood and increase productivity.

  • Bathroom Lighting— Bathroom lighting is crucial. Since this space is used to prep and unwind from the day, you will want to make sure that it feels comfortable and inviting. Bathroom lighting should be bright and well-lit and contain more neutral or cooler-temperature light bulbs to help keep the bathroom environment tranquil and relaxing.
  • Kitchen Lighting - Similar things can be said for kitchen lighting. Many people enjoy cooking, baking, and cleaning daily. Due to it being a place where we spend many hours, lighting design, installation, and repairs are vital. For the same reasons as the bathroom lighting, having a well-lit kitchen can help with efficient cooking, enhance the area, and be a space where you enjoy spending time.

Recessed Lighting & Lighting Controls

Recessed lighting and lighting control installation and repairs have advantages in modern lighting design.

  • Recessed Lighting- With recessed lighting controls, you can save money and maintain a spacious, minimalistic, and welcoming look in your home.
  • Lighting Controls - Installing controls allows you to save money and energy while controlling your lighting. Automatic lighting features, occupancy, and timed sensors can all be controlled on your smart devices, even if you are not home.
    • Motion Sensors - Having motion sensor lighting around the exterior of your home can deter intruders and illuminate your home when you are entering. It is also helpful for the inside of your home. Lighting installation of motion sensors inside of your home can help you save money and energy. You do not have to worry about the light because it will automatically turn on and off when someone enters or leaves a room. You will also have the option to dim the lights for different occasions and preferences.
    • Landscape Lighting - With professional lighting services from Mr. Electric of Sioux Empire, landscaping light installation and design can help accentuate your home and create a sense of safety and comfort. It will also add value to your home through improved aesthetics.

    Contact us to get any of these lights installed and designed!

Residential & Commercial Services

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