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Maintaining your electrical system is a great way to avoid fire or other hazards in your home or business. Mr. Electric of San Marcos offers unrivaled professional electrical repairs for home and business owners throughout San Marcos, Buda, and Lockhart, TX. When you call Mr. Electric of San Marcos, you get a team of highly trained professionals committed to keeping your property safe and running smoothly. We aim to provide electrical repairs before recommending replacing any components. If you’re worried that your property is not up to electrical code, we can help. Our team is up to date with the latest electrical code and repair techniques. Learn more about our electrical repair services and call us to schedule your next estimate.

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Take Advantage of Our Electrical Repair Services

When handling electrical repairs, this is something best left to the professionals. Mr. Electric of San Marcos offers comprehensive business and home electrical repairs. Our team has the experience and training to identify and correct electrical issues. Our electrical repairs provide quick and efficient solutions, allowing you to return to your normal routine as soon as possible. Take a look at some of the various electrical repairing services we offer:

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – When you notice your circuit breaker tripping frequently, you may need to upgrade it to keep up with all your appliances. Mr. Electric of San Marcos offers circuit breaker replacement services. A good sign that your circuit breaker needs to be replaced is if you notice any heat or smoke smells from the box. If this happens, it’s vital that you give us a call immediately.
  • Wiring Updates – Leaving outdated wiring in place can cause safety hazards. Our team can update your property’s wiring for a safe electrical flow. There are some signs to look for to help determine when it’s time to upgrade your wiring. Finding aluminum wiring, missing GFCIs, inadequate appliance outlets, and insufficient electrical panels are telltale signs.
  • Electrical Outlet ReplacementKeeping your home and business up to code is essential to reduce your risk of electrical hazards. Two-prong outlets are no longer up to code, and Mr. Electric of San Marcos can help you upgrade your outlets to provide a safer and more reliable power stream. We have the skills to install all electrical outlets, including GCIs, AFCIs, USB outlets, smart outlets, and more.
  • Electrical Code UpdatesNot only is keeping your home or business up to date with the latest NEC electrical code best for your safety, but most insurance companies won’t offer insurance if your property is outdated. Our technicians will inspect your home or business and provide recommendations on how to keep your property up to code.
  • Child-Proof Outlets – The team at Mr. Electric of San Marcos is dedicated to keeping your home safe for young children. We offer child-proof outlets, which cover outlets with spring-loaded receptacles that stop objects from being inserted. These outlets are designed to keep the outlet open for everyday use but remain challenging to insert objects.
  • Fuse Box ReplacementsUpdating your home’s fuse box is vital for modern appliances. The circuit breaker panels we install are one of the best ways to improve the performance of your home or business’s electrical system while improving your overall safety.

Benefits of Choosing Our Home Electrical Repairs

Mr. Electric of San Marcos understands the desire to handle all home improvement projects independently, but repairing your electrical system should be left to the professionals. One of the biggest and best benefits of letting our team handle any electrical repairs is that you gain peace of mind knowing your home and business are as safe as possible while keeping up with modern appliances. Here are some additional benefits of our electrical repairing services:

  • Always Meet Electrical Codes – We take pride in ensuring your property is up to all electrical code standards. When your home or business isn’t up to code, you increase your risk of fire or other electrical safety hazards like electrical shocks occurring.
  • Safety – The team at Mr. Electric of San Marcos always puts safety first for any job. Our goal is to ensure your property is as safe as possible.
  • Expert Recommendations – We’ll always provide expert recommendations to help you choose the best electrical components for your home.
  • All Repairs Handled by Professionals – Our highly trained technicians handle each electrical repair we perform. We can help you understand our process and go over our recommended upgrades.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency – We offer electrical repairs to keep your home and business safe and are designed to boost your energy efficiency while reducing your energy bill.

Schedule Your Electrical Repairs Today

If you’re looking for a reliable team of highly trained professionals, look no further than Mr. Electric of San Marcos. We have the skills and experience needed to get your home or business quickly and efficiently up to electrical code while providing the highest quality electrical repairs. Each job we complete is backed with our Neighborly Done Right Promise, and we always offer upfront and honest pricing. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your next electrical repair or to request an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.