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Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement Services in San Marcos

Ceiling fans are a practical addition to almost any home. Indoors or outdoors, a fan can make life easy and breezy, keeping you cool and helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Mr. Electric® of San Marcos performs ceiling fan installation and replacement services you can trust. Our professional installation services can keep you cool when life heats up.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement Services in San Marcos
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  • Fan Won’t Turn

    If you flip the switch and your fan fails to turn, you might consider installing a replacement. When power is supplied to the fan but it will not turn, the motor is most likely not working. Ceiling fan replacement is a great solution to get air moving again.

    Fan Moving Air Inefficiently

    Perhaps the fan blades are moving, but the room doesn’t seem to have enough air movement. Your motor could be dying or experiencing other mechanical problems. When repair takes more time and money than a new fan, it’s time to call for replacement.

  • Noisy Ceiling Fan

    A ceiling fan that is constantly making noise is not working correctly. The noise could mean a real issue, and the longer it has been going on, the more likely you will need a ceiling fan replacement, as the motor has undue stress on it.

  • Fan Wobbles

    A wobbly fan that shakes or wiggles whenever used could indicate that the blades are unbalanced. Mr. Electric service professionals always ensure that a fan is balanced and working correctly before finishing the job, putting customer satisfaction first.

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Mr. Electric's Ceiling Fan Services

Mr. Electric focuses on providing cost-effective ceiling fan services. Given that repairs are often far more costly, we highly recommend other solutions built to save you time, money, and potential future headaches.

Installation of New Fans

When you want a new fan installed in any room at your home or business, our service professionals ensure it’s done right. Our experts check connections, can run new wiring, and will mount the fan just right.

Replacement of Older Fans

If your fan gives out on you, our service professionals can mount a new one. Replacing an older fan is also a great idea to upgrade your space or entirely change the look and feel of the room.

Connection Support

Don't let a poorly connected ceiling fan ruin your comfort at home. Whether you need support configuring your fan to multiple switches or complete remote-control access, our experts are here to help.

Benefits of Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans have many benefits when installed in your home or business. A fan truly will impact your home in many different ways, and you will see how helpful and practical one is when you see things like

  • Energy Savings—A fan will cool your home without using the HVAC system, ultimately saving energy and lowering power bills.
  • Increased Home Airflow—When you have a fan, the air in your home will move better. There will be no more stagnant, humid air in one room and chilly air in another.
  • Aesthetic Advantages—A beautiful ceiling fan can give your space the exact look and feel you want. You can match the current aesthetic or create a new, unique feeling in the space.
  • Climate Control—A ceiling fan keeps the whole home at a more consistent, manageable temperature, so you will be more comfortable when San Marcos starts heating up.
  • Mr. Electric has service professionals who know all the local and national codes your home needs to comply with. We ensure that your installation or replacement ceiling fan is safe and properly installed flush with the ceiling. Our experts are proud of their work, always coming prepared, showing up as scheduled, and taking the time to answer any questions you might have.

    When it comes to professional ceiling fan solutions, Mr. Electric of San Marcos has the experience to offer you the best service possible! Just ask some of our happy customers.

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