Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is often the heart of a home. It’s where we gather, chat, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, a study conducted at the University of California found that American families spend 68% of their time either in the kitchen or in front of a television. And if you’ve ever hosted an event in your home, you know that people tend to naturally congregate in the kitchen.

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Types of Kitchen Lighting

Because so many of life’s important moments occur in the kitchen, a house deserves to have a comfortable, functional, and well-lit kitchen. There are three main types of lighting: general, task, and accent. These three lighting types should always coordinate with each other in a home’s kitchen.

Here’s how to do it with style and function in mind.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Recessed/Can Lighting

General lights provide overall illumination for a room. For the best lighting for kitchen ceilings, you can’t go wrong with recessed or can lights. This kind of light stays out of the way of ceiling fans and other light fixtures while offering even, dimmable light throughout the room. And because they’re virtually invisible, can lights work with any style of kitchen décor.


Under Cabinet Lighting

Undercabinet Lighting

What task could be more important than nourishing your family? The cooking tasks performed in the kitchen are critical to everyday family life. For countertop task lighting, undercabinet LED lights are unbeatable. They provide bright, shadow-free task lighting for kitchen prep spaces. LED strips are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and virtually invisible to guests. Old, flickering fluorescent light bars underneath kitchen cabinets are easy to replace with LED strips.


Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lights

The range of pendant lights on the market today is diverse and exciting. To enhance the feel and function of the center of your home, consider adding a stylish pendant light above the kitchen island. If the kitchen features a breakfast nook or dining bar, these are additional spots where a dimmable pendant light will highlight these gathering areas. A well-chosen pendant light will enhance the space, provide a focal point, and illuminate surfaces for meals, card games, and homework sessions. The best light bulbs for kitchen pendants are dimmable LED bulbs.

Professional Kitchen Lighting Installation Service

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