Home Office Lighting Ideas

Home Office Lighting

As home offices become increasingly important to a growing number of people, the need for comfortable workspaces has also grown. An adequate desk surface, a comfortable chair, and a reliable computer are often enough for many home-based employees. But have you stopped to consider how your home office lighting might be hindering your productivity?

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Best Lighting for Home Offices

Whether your home office is in the den, a spare bedroom, or occupies a corner of the kitchen, you need good lighting for your home workspace. The very best light is natural light, but windows and sunny days are not always available. In these cases, spend some time researching your home office lighting options. Then you can choose the fixtures and light bulbs that will best fit your needs.

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Home Office Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Every area of a home needs general lighting, and the home office is no exception. Recessed lights offer reliable lighting for a workspace, while staying unobtrusive and aesthetically neutral. Install dimmable soft white light bulbs and dimmer switches to maintain full control of the area’s brightness.

Home Office Ceiling Fan With Light

Ceiling Fan with Light

Ceiling fans belong in most rooms of the house: the living room, every bedroom, perhaps even the kitchen. If you spend all day in your home office, that space should also be well ventilated and as comfortable as possible. A ceiling fan can enhance a home office by making the area feel cooler than it really is. A ceiling fan with lights plays dual roles, providing a gentle cooling effect as well as general lighting throughout the space.

Home Office Pendant Light

Pendant Lights

To provide a targeted boost of light over a specific workspace, consider installing a pendant light. Pendant lights should hang approximately three feet above the desk surface. Carefully choosing a pendant is also an opportunity to add some style and personality to a home office.

Home Office Task Light

Task Lamps

Ensure that your workspace is always bright enough with a good task lamp. As you shift between work tasks throughout the day, you will be glad to have a lamp that’s dimmable and adjustable.

Professional Home Office Lighting Installation Service

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