Ceiling Fan Repair in Lombard, IL

Affordable, Professional Ceiling Fan Repair

Your home's ceiling fan is a complex piece of equipment, and you shouldn't ever try to repair ceiling fans if you don't have the necessary experience or tools. At Mr. Electric of Lombard, we specialize in affordable, professional ceiling fan repair in Lombard, Glen Ellyn, and Addison, IL. When something goes wrong with your home's ceiling fan, call our experts for ceiling fan repair service. We work quickly to diagnose the problem and determine if it is faster and safer to repair a ceiling fan or replace it. Our ceiling fan repair services can improve the comfort of your home and your cooling system's efficiency. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request a quote for the cost of ceiling fan repair.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a ceiling fan light

Review Our Ceiling Fan Repair Services

When you call us for ceiling fan repair, we'll fully inspect your ceiling fan to see if it will be more affordable to repair or replace. We carry a full range of ceiling fan repair parts, so we can quickly switch out parts as needed to get your fan back up and running again. We specialize in these ceiling fan repair services:

  • Motor replacement
  • Pull chain replacement
  • Wiring replacement
  • Switch replacement
  • Reprogramming ceiling fan remote control
  • Replacement of light fixture inside ceiling fan
  • Blade replacement
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Wobbling fan or noisy fan

Explore the Benefits of Repairing a Ceiling Fan

When we repair ceiling fans, we improve the overall comfort of your home. The increased air flow can dramatically lower the temperature in each room where a ceiling fan is installed. Increased air movement also helps eliminate musty odors, cooking smells, and pet odors. However, investing in the cost of ceiling fan repairs offers many other benefits to your whole household:

  • Increased Energy-efficiency – A ceiling fan improves the energy efficiency of your cooling system. Even if your vents don't reach every inch of a room, a ceiling fan will ensure that the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room so it's more comfortable. This means your cooling system won't have to run as long or work as hard to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Increased Value – Ceiling fan repair increases the overall value of your home. Should you choose to sell in the future, having ceiling fans installed will make it easier to attract buyers.
  • Save Time & Money – Hiring our professionals for ceiling fan repair services will save you time and money. Repairing a ceiling fan is often less expensive than replacing it, and a functional ceiling fan can lower your energy bills. Professional ceiling fan repair is also much faster than trying to figure out how to repair a ceiling fan yourself.

Know When to Replace a Ceiling Fan

When we assess the condition of your ceiling fan, we can determine whether it will be more cost-effective to repair or replace it. We carry a wide range of ceiling fan repair parts, but there are times when installing new parts would cost more than replacing the whole fan. We’ll consider these factors when helping you choose between replacing and repairing a ceiling fan:

  • Noisy Motor but Blades Won’t Turn – The motor may buzz or make a lot of noise as it tries to turn the fan blades. This could eventually cause the motor to overheat, which is a fire hazard.
  • Very Loud Fan – Older ceiling fans are very loud, and they’re also often inefficient. Newer fans are much quieter and more energy-efficient. We can replace your ceiling fan with a newer model that will increase the comfort of your home.
  • Broken Blades – If more than one fan blade is broken, replacing the whole fan might be more cost-effective.
  • Old, Inexpensive Fan – If you have an old, inexpensive fan beyond repair, you'll benefit from upgrading to a nicer, more efficient, and higher-quality ceiling fan. 

Choose Mr. Electric of Lombard to Repair Ceiling Fans

Our team has extensive experience in replacing and repairing ceiling fans. We work efficiently so that your home is comfortable again as quickly as possible. Our goal is to save our customers time and money, so we offer upfront, flat-rate pricing for many of our services. We’re always happy to provide a quote for the cost of ceiling fan repairs or ceiling fan repair parts before we begin. As a proud member of the Neighborly family of companies, we operate under the Neighborly Done Right Promise. This means that if you aren't happy with our ceiling fan repair services, you can call us, and we'll send someone back to your home to fix the issue.

Call Today to Repair Ceiling Fans in Lombard, IL

If you need professional ceiling fan repair service in Lombard, IL, call us today at Mr. Electric of Lombard. We're happy to do an onsite assessment of your ceiling fan and give you a quote for the cost of ceiling fan repair. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly repair ceiling fans so your home is comfortable once again. Call us today or request an appointment for ceiling fan repair online.