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Electrical Code Updates & Corrections in Lansing, MI

Mr. Electric of Lansing Keeps You Safe & Compliant

Keeping your home or business safe and up to the latest electrical code takes an electrical professional’s proven skills and impressive expertise. At Mr. Electric of Lansing, we help Lansing and East Lansing, MI households and commercial properties adhere to code requirements and protect their electrical systems by performing timely and accurate electrical code updates and corrections. Every year, tens of thousands of fires and accidents occur in commercial buildings and residential houses due to electrical hazards. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has reported electrical wiring problems to cause 200 deaths, almost 1,000 injuries, 30,000 home fires, and over $600 million in property damage every year. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), faulty wiring is to blame for 20 percent of electrocutions. Neglecting your electrical system and not bringing it up to the latest electrical code in 2020 is the most frequent cause of all these problems.

Electrical Code Updates & Corrections in Lansing, MI

Mr. Electric of Lansing Keeps You Safe & Compliant

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  • Mr. Electric of Lansing’s seasoned electrical experts have ample experience with residential and commercial electrical systems and the local and national codes applying to them. Electrical code updates are one of our company’s specialties, and we emphasize code compliance in all our services because it ensures our customers stay safe. The National Electrical Code (NEC) is the United States’ singular standard for safe electrical wiring and installation practices. As the ultimate rulebook for electricians, the NEC applies to all safe electrical design, installation, and inspection. All reputable electricians follow the NEC because it safeguards properties and people against electrical hazards by setting electrical code standards. The NFPA first published the code in 1897 and updates these codes every three years, effectively reducing accidents and minimizing fire hazards due to electricity use. The 2020 edition is the NEC’s latest electrical safety guide.

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The National Electric Code updates and adds extensive changes and intricacies every three years, making it challenging to stay code compliant. Therefore, having our professional electrical technicians perform updates is vital to staying safe and adhering to the most current standards and requirements. Mr. Electric of Lansing’s expert team can check your home or business to identify issues like outdated wiring and update or correct them to follow the latest electrical code updates as part of our regular services and those specific to NEC requirement projects. Our professionals have extensive knowledge about all the NEC’s latest updates. With our expertise, we can put all the following beneficial updates in place:

  • We check your property’s electrical system, ensuring it meets all the latest requirements, including aspects like installations and electrical equipment and wiring.
  • If you intend to buy a home, we can perform an electrical inspection before you purchase it, verifying you make a sound investment that will keep your family safe.
  • We can prevent delays during a home sale due to electrical issues an inspector identifies during the process by performing updates and corrections.
  • Electrical code updates and corrections offer sufficient protection against loss of life, injuries, and liability issues happening from household electrical incidents.

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