Professional Home Wiring Update Services in Lake County, FL

Home Wiring Updates Services for Local Homeowners

Have you had your older home’s wiring inspected by an experienced professional? Outdated wiring in homes is inefficient and dangerous, so it’s essential to update your home’s wiring to ensure you have a safe and reliably working electrical system. Once a home’s wiring is installed, it’s rarely inspected by an electrical technician, so it’s important to know how old your wiring is and what condition it’s in. The electrical experts at Mr. Electric of Lake County have years of experience providing professional home wiring updates for homeowners throughout Lake County, FL and the surrounding areas, including The Villages, Clermont, Leesburg, Lady Lake, and Mount Dora.

We’re committed to ensuring our customers’ safety comes first on every project we complete while increasing your home's safety and functionality. When you team up with the professionals at Mr. Electric of Lake County, there’s no reason to risk getting electrical shocks, tripping your circuit breakers, or having a fire. Call us today to learn more about our home wiring updates services! 

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How Do I Know if My Home’s Wiring Needs to Be Updated?

Homeowners might not consider whether the wiring throughout their home is sufficient for all their power needs. Over the past several decades, many updates and revisions have been made to the National Electric Code, deeming many older components of residential electrical systems unsafe. Whether your home’s electrical system is showing signs it's time for an update or you want to increase the efficiency of your home, Mr. Electric of Lake County is here to help.

We’ve helped countless homeowners over the years upgrade the electrical wiring in their older homes. Our team is knowledgeable about the most recent electrical code updates and will make sure your wiring updates are done correctly for increased safety, efficiency, and reliability. Some common signs you need to update the wiring in your home include the following:

  • Your home’s wiring is old (especially more than 40 years).
  • You have ungrounded, two-prong outlets throughout your home (these are a safety hazard). 
  • Your home isn’t equipped with GFCI or AFCI outlets to prevent shocks and potentially dangerous arcs (the most recent electrical code requires AFCI outlets in bedrooms in all 50 states).
  • Your outlets can’t sufficiently power your heavy-duty appliances.
  • Your electrical panel is outdated or can’t adequately power all the electronics, devices, and appliances throughout your home. 
  • Your circuit breaker trips when you plug too many devices into one outlet.

Schedule Home Wiring Updates in Lake County, FL

If you’re unsure about the state of the electrical wiring throughout your home, the electrical technicians at Mr. Electric of Lake County would be happy to thoroughly inspect it to make sure it complies with the latest electrical code updates and can sufficiently power all the devices in your home. Our team has years of experience providing a wide range of electrical services for homeowners throughout Lake County, FL and the surrounding areas, including The Villages, Clermont, Leesburg, Lady Lake, and Mount Dora.

If your home’s wiring is outdated, our electrical technicians can update it to meet the latest code updates and your power needs. Faulty wiring causes 12,500 fires and 750 serious accidents in the home each year, so it’s essential to have yours assessed for electrical safety, efficiency, and reliability. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, whether you’re curious about our home wiring installation and update process or want an estimate for the cost to update electrical wiring in homes. Contact us today to schedule services and let our team inspect your home’s wiring!