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Home Generator Installation Services in Clermont & The Villages, FL

Preparing for the Next Power Outage

Do you have a plan for the next power outage? While it’s always important to have candles, flashlights, water, and nonperishable foods in the house, nothing compares to having a dedicated home generator. When the power goes out, your generator will automatically activate, providing power to your house before you know what’s happened. You might have found us by searching for “best home generator installation near me.” Mr. Electric of Lake County has helped countless homeowners in Lake County, Florida with our home generator installation services. We can help you and your family prepare for the next power outage. Learn more about installing a generator for your home.

Home Generator Installation Services in Clermont & The Villages, FL
Preparing for the Next Power Outage
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  • When it comes to generators, there are several different types and countless different brands. However, they all fall into two main categories: portable and standby. You should consider many factors when comparing the two, such as power supply and home generator installation costs. Learn more about portable and standby generators.

  • Portable generators are the most affordable, usually costing between $1,000 and $2,000. With a portable generator, you must plug the appliances directly into the generator, but the generator cannot be placed indoors because it emits poisonous carbon monoxide gas. On top of that, portable generators can only power a few devices at a time.

  • Standby generators are more costly, but they provide power to your entire home the moment your electrical supply is interrupted. They use natural gas or propane to generate enough electricity to power everything from your fridge and stove to your washer and dryer. A standby generator is connected to your home’s electrical panel directly, which means that you will need the help of a team of home generator installers, like Mr. Electric of Lake County.

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What Does a Home Generator Do?

A generator is an independent power source. It is intended to power your home for a short period of time while you wait for power from your utility company to be restored. Generators use fuel like gasoline or natural gas to create electricity with a heavy-duty recharging battery. Home generator installation really pays off in the following situations:

  • Blackouts – Many different things can cause the power from your utility company to be interrupted. Whether it’s a downed power line or an electrical overload, you want to be prepared for the next one.
  • Extreme Weather – The extreme weather in Florida, like heat, humidity, and hurricanes, causes frequent problems with power lines. In some cases, severe weather has knocked out power for days.
  • Damage From Animals – Animals often form nests around electrical components and chew through wires, causing an interruption in your neighborhood’s power.
  • Car Accidents – When an automotive collision damages a power line, there is often an interruption in service for the surrounding area. That’s no problem if you already have a home generator installed.

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