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Residential Electricians of Seattle

Home Electrical Contractors

With the wealth of online DIY sources it can be tempting to save a few dollars by doing electrical repairs or installations by yourself. This can be good practice for replacing plate covers or changing a light bulb, but when it comes to installing additional outlets, light switches, electrical panels, or specialty lighting, choosing a full service licensed Seattle Electrician is your best option.

Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnosing an electrical issue can become quite a head scratcher, especially if you don’t have many years of experience, the right tools or the knowledge and experience to use them properly.

Of course, not only could it be a head scratcher it could also become a potential danger if your diagnosis is wrong. Let our friendly and professional electricians save you time and money on diagnosing and repair your home electrical issues. All of our technicians are licensed by the State of Washington and can take care of your issues safely and correctly the first time.

Installation and Upgrades

Making sure your home is up to date on the latest electrical safety requirements and regulations is important in keeping your family and home safe. Call our friendly staff today to learn how updating your home’s electrical systems will allow for increased safety and ease of use.

Electrical Improvements

There are hundreds of different electrical improvements you can make on your home to increase you and your family’s comfort. Our technicians are trained and licensed to install a wide range of electrical equipment to do just that. Form lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, to circuit breakers and electrical panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and many more. Benefit from the installation of electrical devices that increase energy savings, increase safety and security.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

Our team of technicians can spot areas of your home that have hidden wiring issues, at risk for electrocution or fire, and other areas that can improve the overall safety and security of your home. Safety is a big concern of ours and that is why we provide FREE electrical safety inspections. Contact us today to find out how to schedule your home inspection.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

Increase your home value and appeal by taking advantage of specialty and outdoor lighting fixtures. We can provide your home with a fully customized outdoor lighting plan based on your specific needs. Call today to get your free estimate on the installation of various landscape light fixtures.

Home Energy Savings

Increase your home energy savings and improve the environment through simple Energy Star upgrades to new solar solutions. We know what it takes to lower your monthly energy costs and we are always available to assist you in doing your part to save the environment and save some cash along the way.

Electrical System Maintenance

The best way to prevent future power outages and potential safety issues it is important to have routine maintenance performed on you home electrical system. Regular maintenance is more inexpensive than having to replace an entire electrical system. Take time to learn more about electrical maintenance and how to keep your home running at an optimal level.

The Mr. Electric Difference

  • Safety: Hiring a licensed electrician protects your family from the dangers of shoddy electrical work due to inexperience, structural, and age-related complications. Licensed electricians are also the only individuals who can authoritatively inspect wiring and rectify faulty installations.
  • Accountability: Legitimate, licensed electricians are required to pull permits for work performed, and work is subject to inspection. This is not an unnecessary obstacle, but for your protection.
  • Guaranteed Results: Licensed, professional electricians like those at Mr. Electric® deliver quality workmanship, performing work right the first time.

The licensed, professional residential electricians at Mr. Electric can provide:

  • Comprehensive services for all of your residential electrical needs.
  • Solutions for any electrical task, from the seemingly simple to your most daunting electrical challenges.
  • The information and resources you need to make the best decision for each and every electrical job affecting your home and family.

Here at Mr. Electric of Greater Seattle, our electricians have what it takes to handle simple and complex residential electrical repairs and installations. Call us today for all of your electrical needs!