Solution-Oriented Electrical Services in Frisco, TX

A minor electrical issue can become a major mystery without the proper expertise. Always rely on Mr. Electric of Frisco for all your repair and installation needs. We provide electrical services in Frisco, TX, to keep your home or business operating as it should. Whether you need a new ceiling fan or a complete rewire, your Mr. Electric crew members can handle your electrical services of all sizes and scope. Maximize your energy efficiency and bolster your safety today! Call Mr. Electric to discuss your needs and put us to work.

Mr. Electric technician talking to a couple in their kitchen about their electrical service project.

Skilled Local Electricians Who Care About Quality

Enhance the convenience and functionality available daily with Mr. Electric's expert electrical services. As your reliable local electricians, we are proud to make our skills available for your electrical projects.

Electrical Repair Services

The saying goes that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. They should add to that statement that when electricity is involved, if it is broke, you should have a professional fix it. Electrical work is not the time to participate in a fun experiment or to test your DIY skills. Let the helpful team at Mr. Electric manage your electrical repairs with skill and aplomb. Rely on us for:

  • Electrical Panel Repair: Make sure your electrical panel operates without any issues. We know how to determine if your electrical panel needs to be fixed or updated. 
  • Outlet and Light Switch Repair: Ensure your outlets and switches function correctly. We can ascertain what’s causing the issue and provide the resolution you need.  
  • Wiring Repairs and Upgrades: Whether you have an old home that needs to be rewired or a new home that needs minor repairs, we know what to do. 

You can also contact us for emergency electrical services that need immediate attention.

Electrical Installation Services 

Receive seamless electrical installation services throughout your home. From the initial planning to the final implementation, we integrate your new electrical systems safely and swiftly. Turn to us to handle:

  • Ceiling Fan Installation: Outfit your patio with multiple fans to help circulate the air. Switch out the ceiling fan in your bedroom. Install a new ceiling fan in your dining room. Mr. Electric of Frisco can handle all of your ceiling fan installation needs. 
  • Lighting Installation: Rely on Mr. Electric to handle your indoor and outdoor custom lighting installations. We also provide landscape lighting and holiday lighting services. 
  • Home Standby Generator Installation: Make sure you are prepared for emergencies with home backup generator services from Mr. Elecgric. We make sure you don’t get left in the dark. 

Electrical Safety Services

Protect your property and household members with electrical safety services from Mr. Electric of Frisco. We take pride in playing a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity of your electrical systems. Our deep understanding of electrical risks and ability to identify potential hazards help us prevent potentially catastrophic events. We implement safety measures, recommend upgrades, and offer expert guidance to empower you to create a safe and secure environment. Schedule your appointment today and get the peace of mind you deserve with Mr. Electric of Frisco on your side.