Safety-Driven Electrical Repairs in Frisco, TX

You go to plug in the toaster and—OUCH! You feel a shock on your fingertips, and tiny sparks emit from the outlet. No toast this morning. This is a tell-tale sign of a faulty outlet. The cause could be small and easily fixed, or there may be a more serious underlying origin. Either way, the first thing you should do in this situation is call in the professionals at Mr. Electric.

Mr. Electric provides electrical repairs in Frisco, TX. Your dedicated technician is one of a team of background-checked and uniformed service professionals available 24/7. Rely on us so you’re able to enjoy toast in the morning or accomplish any other necessary task without the risk of a shock or other safety hazard. We start by listening to your concern, then provide an in-home quote to evaluate the issue.

Mr. Electric technician standing at the front door, shaking hands with a man who stands next to a woman at the threshold.

Prioritize Safety and Achieve Functionality With Mr. Electric

Keep the electricity in your home running smoothly without risking your safety. It’s as easy as turning to the professionals at Mr. Electric for all of your electric repairs. Even if you are an avid DIYer who loves tackling home improvement projects yourself, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to bring in professionals when electricity is involved. Allow us to take on repairs and upgrades that range in size and scale, including but not limited to:

Ceiling Fan Repairs and Replacement

Repairing or changing a ceiling fan requires turning off the electricity in that room. Before beginning that task, it’s important to know what is causing the issue. When your ceiling fan no longer turns on, there are various culprits. It may be a wiring issue or a faulty light switch. It could just be time for a new fan. Allow Mr. Electric to solve the mystery and execute the best solution so your ceiling fans function as they should throughout your home.

Electrical Panel Repairs and Replacement

Electricity is like the central nervous system of your home, and the electrical panel is the brain of the operation. Ensure you know where your electrical panel is located and that all switches are labeled correctly. Still trying to figure it out? Mr. Electric is available to help. When your electrical panel stops functioning properly, we diagnose the situation and determine if it can be repaired or if it’s time to be replaced.

Wire Repair and Replacement

Newer homes with standard wiring should be able to get by with repairing faulty wires. However, older homes that still use outdated wiring may need complete rewiring. Both of these wiring tasksand everything in betweenare completely within the wheelhouse of your Mr. Electric professional.

Get A Complimentary Home Electrical Safety Checkup for Every Call

Electricity offers convenience, making everyone’s lives easier. It’s amazing to think about how something that simplifies daily life is incredibly complex. The inner workings of the electrical components of your home require years of knowledge and experience to hone. For this reason, attempting to handle an electrical repair without the necessary expertise could result in disaster. This statement is not meant to scare, simply to inform and prepare.

With Mr. Electric on the job, your safety always takes precedence. As part of every service call, your electrical repairs the issue and offers an electrical safety checkup at no additional cost. We understand that you may not want to deal with problems that aren’t giving you any grief yet. But knowing about potential hazards as soon as possible will save you from much more costly repairs in the future and prevent unnecessary safety issues.