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Power Surges and Surge Protection

Home Power Surge Protection in Fort Worth

During spring’s pop-up thunderstorms, summer’s blazing heat, fall’s windy fronts and winter’s ice storms, it’s difficult for power companies to regulate electricity distribution. The flow of electricity supplied to your home can be unstable at times, making your appliances and electronics vulnerable to “surges.”

Usually, the problem of preventing electrical surge damage is left to the homeowner to solve. Do you buy surge protector power strips? Do you spend time running around the house during a lightning storm unplugging everything in sight while putting yourself at risk for electrical shock? Or do you simply rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any surge losses that may occur? Instead of the hassle, protect your investments by preventing surge damage with a Whole House Panel Surge Protector. This is a main zone protection, which stops power surges before they can enter the house through the transmission lines. The panel surge protector unit acts as your home’s first line of defense.

Power Surges and Surge Protection

Home Power Surge Protection in Fort Worth

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  • You will notice a power surge most often when a major appliance turns on or off, and lights blink at the same time. That is a power surge because the large appliance has a motor or compressor that needs so much electricity that it disrupts the constant flow of voltage in the home’s electrical system. Refrigerators, air conditioners, hot tubs, and elevators are large appliances that pull large amounts of electricity, which affects other circuits in the electrical system.
    • Faulty electrical wiring – old circuit wiring in your home affects the power distribution to outlets
    • Downed power lines and utility transformers – power surges and disruptions to your home’s main electrical panel
    • Lightning in the area – within a mile of your home, it can cause a major surge
    • Lightning strike – suddenly increases electricity in your home’s system by millions of volts, overwhelming even the best surge protector
  • When power on a circuit reaches a surge protector, the unit measures the power. If the power is higher than a certain point, the unit’s switch turns off the electricity to the appliances connected to the unit. The surge protector routes the power to a grounding wire, which in turn routes the surge power outside the home through the ground circuit system.
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Free In-Home Surge Protection Inspection

Start with a free home electrical power estimate from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. We will determine how much power the home needs, and how many appliances and electronics would be impacted by a major power surge. After the inspection, our licensed electricians will prepare a surge protector recommendation report and detailed up-front installation pricing. At your convenience, Mr. Electric will schedule an appointment to add the surge protector to your home’s main power line at the electrical panel. If your home has more than one electrical panel, multiple small surge protectors can be wired into the dedicated circuits. The power estimate and inspection helps us determine the best option for your home.

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth installs, repairs and services surge protection equipment in homes and commercial businesses throughout the metro area, including Aledo, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Everman and Saginaw. Call Mr. Electric to schedule your free in-home power surge protection inspection. We have the power to make things better!

  • To protect the home’s entire electrical system, Mr. Electric of Fort Worth can connect a large surge protector directly to your main power line into the electrical panel. Most major power surges happen because electricity from the power grid enters the main power line. The Whole House Panel Surge Protector is the heart of protection for your home. As the main line of defense, it prevents high energy surges from ever entering your home - and provides the best defense for refrigerators and other major appliances, as well as sensitive electronics and computers. The whole home surge protector also shields large motor-driven and other AC powered appliances in your home from issues. Most importantly, the Whole House Panel Surge Protector saves your home’s electrical panel from power surge damage.

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