Home Generators in Fort Worth, TX

Whether you are in the city or the country, power outages can happen more often than we think. And with today’s high technology appliances, computers and entertainment components, power outages can become costly if they are caused by surges. You can protect your home and family, and have power anytime, with a home backup power generator from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. As a leading dealer for Generac, Mr. Electric offers the best quality generators at affordable prices.

Rest Easy With a Generator

A backup power home generator gives you peace of mind when the power goes out, whether it’s caused by a surge or a loss of service. The potential for outages is actually higher in surburban areas of Fort Worth with high traffic and overburdened power grids. The leading causes of power outages are:

  1. Rolling Power Blackouts – during a hot Texas summer, running air conditioners 24/7 puts a strain on the power grid, but you might not notice the power fluctuations until the evenings when lights flicker and brownout before the power goes out
  2. Exploring Animals --  yes it’s sad, but animals investigating power transformers are a recipe for damage and blackouts that can affect thousands of homes
  3. Vehicle Accidents – vehicles leaving the roadway damage power poles, lines, transformers and other electrical grid components
  4. Severe Weather –lightning, wind, hail, tornadoes, and ice storms can knock out power for days when they cause trees to fall on power lines, poles and transformers
  5. Extreme Natural Disasters – catastrophes are the most widespread and longest power outages, and while some like earthquakes and hurricanes rarely threaten the Fort Worth area, there have been major floods and brush fires in Tarrant County

Power outages can last for weeks if there is a natural disaster. In the extreme summer heat or the freezing winter cold, a power outage for even a few hours can ruin the temperature comfort in your home and make it virtually impossible to live there. For the cost of a week’s hotel stay, you could have a small home backup generator that keeps the HVAC system and the refrigerator running. Thanks to heavy-duty recharging batteries and a safe connection to natural gas, a backup power generator can run for weeks if necessary. Combine the backup generator with a surge protection system and you will be able to keep your computers and entertainment components safe from the surges that can cause outages. Mr. Electric can help you find the generator size that fits your home’s power requirements.

The Right Generator for Your Home

Portable Power Generators

A portable power generator can run essential home appliances for a few days. They are manually started and they must be refueled with gas often. A portable generator does have an advantage because it could be used in a workshop or for camping. Unfortunately, portable generators should be kept outside the home due to the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning by the gas exhaust building up in a room. Even a garage is no place for a portable generator. An extension cord would need to run from the generator to the home’s main power supply. The mail power breaker or lever should be turned off at the electrical panel before running a portable generator. This prevents a power surge overload when the main power turns back on. Portable generators cost less than whole home generators, but they are not designed to power home appliances very long.

Generac Automatic Standby Home Generators

Unlike portable generators, a home backup power generator from Generac will activate as soon as the power goes out. The home backup generator is directly wired into the electrical panel with a switch to turn off the main power and go to backup power if the main power is off. Home power generators are safer because they are outside the home and they run on natural gas or propane, which enters from buried underground pipes. A full capacity home generator can power all of the essential appliances throughout the home. If a full capacity generator is not appropriate, then a smaller capacity generator could power the most essential appliances, such as the HVAC system and the refrigerator, as well as a couple outlets. Another advantage of a home generator is that it can run for weeks thanks to the direct natural gas fuel line.

Finding the Correct Generator Size

When you call the experts at Mr. Electric, our licensed electrician will inspect your home’s electrical system to determine how much total power is required for all of your appliances, how much power is necessary for only the essential appliances, and how much power would be required for only the HVAC system. Those power readings are compared to the available Generac home generator sizes. Mr. Electric recommends that your home generator should have at least 10 percent higher capacity than required to make sure the system works properly. Also, the generator should be able to power the home for at least a week without interruption.

Schedule a free, in-home system inspection by Mr. Electric and receive a free generator quote. We can install the best power generator for your home to give you peace of mind when the unexpected power outage occurs. Mr. Electric has installed and serviced residential and commercial generators throughout the Fort Worth area, including Aledo, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Everman and Saginaw. We have the power to make things better – even when the power is out. Call Mr. Electric today!