Customer Testimonials

After a recent lightening strike near our home, we realized we needed to better protect our home, TV, and electronics against power surges. We had several individual surge protectors in use which saved us this time. After much research on our part, we determined a whole-house surge protection system should be installed. Being fairly new to this area, we had no previous experience with electricians, but visited Mr. Electric which is close to our house. The owner/operator, Donna McGrew, gave us descriptive literature and product application information. She set up a home appointment with one of their service professionals to discuss our needs and their products. Mr. David Fox arrived the next day with slip-on shoe coverings and a front doormat to protect our carpeting. He did an assessment, wrote an estimate, installed the whole-house system, multi-strip, and several single-source protectors, including the repair of an additional duplex outlet. We were impressed with David's knowledge and his great customer service attitude. He absolutely met all of the Mr. Electric's "Code of Values" which appear on-line and on the back of their business cards. We cannot say enough about David's professionalism and product knowledge. He fielded all our questions with very clear, simple explanations and left us with a comfortable peace of mind. Mr. Electric will be our “go-to” electricians should we need them again. We recommend Mr. Electric to anyone needing electrical services.