Home Electrical Services in Citrus & Marion County, FL

It may be tempting to try and save some money by fixing electrical issues yourself or without professional help. However, unless you are doing something as simple as switching out a light bulb, tampering with your electrical systems could be a safety hazard.

Diagnosis and Repair

Even the smallest electrical issues in your home can be difficult to solve. Mr. Electric’s residential professionals know that it’s a daunting task to find and correct problems. We are sure to give complete explanations of the problems we find and show you our plan for corrections. Our electricians understand that you’re not an expert, and we take the time to make sure we do what’s best for your home.

Installation and Upgrades

Don’t allow your home’s outdated electrical systems to prevent you from experiencing new technology. Call Mr. Electric today, and learn about the efficient ways to update your home’s electrical systems. Rely on us to make your life easier!

Electrical Improvements

Mr. Electric has the capability of installing a variety of electrical equipment such as lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, panel and circuit breaker upgrades, ceiling fans, and more. Our professionals can show you the benefits that electrical improvements offer such as utility savings, increased value, security, and safety. Some simple upgrades can truly transform and update your residential space.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

Mr. Electric’s professionals have the experience and knowledge to make sure your home stays safe and secure. We identify hazardous wiring issues, fire or electrocution risks, and other factors that endanger you and your home. Call today to schedule a free electrical safety inspection.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

If your house’s lighting system is becoming outdated, take advantage of the many options available today. Mr. Electric can even provide a fully customized solution to your home’s electrical system.

Home Energy Savings

Save money by reducing your electric bills while protecting the environment. Mr. Electric can help you conserve energy in your home with simple lighting upgrades, solar solutions, and ENERGY STAR appliances.

Electrical System Maintenance

Having your home’s electric system checked periodically can prevent the inconvenience of emergency repairs, the expensive damage of electronics, and injury to anyone in your home. Learn more about routine maintenance to help keep your home’s systems in great shape.

The Mr. Electric Difference

  • Safety: Calling a professional electrician helps protect your family from the hazards of poor electrical work. A licensed electrician is the only person you should trust to inspect the wiring and solve faulty installations in your home.
  • Accountability: For your own protection, electricians are obligated to pull permits for the work they perform (which is subject to inspection).
  • Guaranteed Results: Our licensed electricians deliver the best workmanship and always perform their work correctly on the first try.

The licensed, professional residential electricians at Mr. Electric can provide:

  • Comprehensive services for all of your residential electrical needs.
  • The best service for any type of electrical task, from the complicated installations to simple repairs.
  • Information and resources necessary to help you make the best decisions for the electrical situations in your home.

At Mr. Electric, we have what it takes to handle all of your residential electrical projects. Call (352) 388-3105 today.