Electrical Repairs in Citrus & Marion County, FL

Complete Residential & Commercial Electric Repair Services

It’s essential to have a reliable team of experts on your side to provide quick, effective, and affordable electrical repair services whenever you need them. Whether you own a home or business, the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Citrus & Marion County have years of experience performing high-quality electrical repairs for homes and businesses throughout Citrus County, FL, and the surrounding areas. No matter what electrical needs your property has, we offer a wide range of electrical repair services scheduled at your convenience. Additionally, Mr. Electric provides electrical upgrades, installations, safety inspections, lighting services, replacements, and more to keep your system in great shape. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment for high-quality residential or commercial electrical repairs!

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Our Business & Home Electrical Repair Services

Whenever you experience electrical issues on your property, it’s essential to hire a licensed, experienced professional for the job. Electrical repairs and maintenance are dangerous to perform if you don’t have the proper equipment and aren’t expertly trained. Some of the commercial and residential electrical repair services we offer at your local Mr. Electric of Citrus & Marion County, FL include:

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – Mr. Electric provides professional circuit breaker replacement services when yours comes to the end of its lifespan. Whether you need to upgrade it to a higher capacity to meet your electrical needs or have one that’s beyond repair, our electricians can repair, upgrade, or replace your current circuit breaker.   
  • Wire Replacement – Having old wiring throughout your home or business is one of the most dangerous electrical situations. Old wiring is a fire risk and can cause several problems with the entire electrical system on your property. If your home or business has old wiring or you want to have it inspected for safety, we can help. Old wiring systems should be replaced immediately to provide a safe, reliable electrical flow.
  • Electrical Outlet Replacement – Are the electrical outlets in your home or business not meeting your needs? Whether your outlets are outdated, unsafe, damaged, or not compliant with the most recent electrical code, our licensed electricians can replace them with proper outlets to provide a safe and reliable power stream.
  • Electrical Code UpdatesTo help residents stay safe on their property, our licensed electricians use their knowledge about the latest National Electrical Code to ensure your home or business is up to code. This is an excellent service for homeowners interested in selling and want the process to go smoothly when they have a potential buyer.  
  • Child Proof Outlets – If you have children in the home, having child proof outlets is necessary to ensure their safety. They might look similar to standard outlets, but child proof outlets are designed to ensure all the children in your home are kept safe from shoving items into outlets and getting shocked.

We Diagnose & Repair Electrical Issues

If you’re unsure what type of problem you’re experiencing with your commercial or residential electrical system, our experts can use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced troubleshooting techniques to diagnose the issue and resolve it promptly.

Find General Electric Repair Service Near Me

When you need reliable commercial and residential electrical repairs for your home or business in Citrus County, FL, and the surrounding areas, you can count on the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Citrus & Marion County. Whether you recently moved into a home with old house wiring or need some wall outlets replaced, we’re here to help with cost-effective, reliable solutions. We’re happy to answer any questions, whether you’re curious about our diagnosis and repair process or want an estimate for electrical repair cost. Contact Mr. Electric today to learn more and schedule an appointment for professional electrical repair services!