Electrical Outlet Installation Services in Chattanooga, TN

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more outlets in a particular room of your house? Mr. Electric of Chattanooga offers electrical outlet installation services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Whether you want to hide a nest of cords by putting an outlet behind your entertainment center or upgrade your existing outlets to 20-amp, you have a team of licensed electricians ready to help. When we work with you, we will inspect your home, discuss your goals, and explain the cost to install your electrical outlets. If you haven’t thought about installing new electrical outlets, you might be surprised by the advanced convenience and safety features available today. Learn more about our electrical outlet installation services.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a power outlet.

There Are a Lot of Outlets to Choose From

Now that you’re interested in upgrading your home’s electrical outlets, the real fun begins. Let’s pick out the right type of outlets for your home. Some outlets enhance safety ins specific areas of the house, while others can provide more power to your devices. Look through the following list and start to think about which outlets you want in which rooms. Don’t forget that we can add new outlets almost anywhere, so if you want an outlet with a USB charging port next to your favorite reading chair, we can do it. Some of the different types of electrical outlets we install include:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets – The National Electric Code requires GFCI outlets in areas like your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. If a ground fault occurs, such as dropping a hair dryer into a sink of water, the outlet will cut off power within 1/30th of a second.
  • Arc Fault Current Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets – If part of a wire becomes exposed, electricity can jump from it and cause what is called an arc. AFCI outlets monitor for arcs and cut the electricity to that circuit before a fire can occur.
  • Smart Outlets – There are many types of smart outlets on the market. Some connect to your security camera or video doorbell, while others can help you reduce the amount of electricity consumed by devices while you are not using them.
  • Switched Outlets – Switched outlets are standard electrical outlets with a switch attached to them. When you plug devices into the outlet, you can control them with a switch. We can also help you rewire any outlet to be controlled by a switch from a different location in your home.
  • USB Outlets – If you use devices with USB chargers on a regular basis, like smartphones, tablets, and speakers, you could probably benefit from having dedicated USB outlets around the house. These include your standard three-pronged outlets in addition to USB ports.
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets – Our child proof outlets spring closed immediately and have tamper-proof opening mechanisms. These are a must if you have little ones around the house.
  • Two-Duplex Outlets – Do you need more plugs in a specific outlet? Two-duplex outlets have two standard outlets side-by-side, letting you plug in four devices at once.
  • 15-Amp Outlets – These are the most standard three-pronged outlets. They are ideal for outlets that do not need to power heavy-duty appliances or multiple devices at the same time.
  • 20-Amp Outlets – 20-amp outlets give your devices access to more power, allowing you to run as many devices as you need simultaneously. You can identify 20-amp outlets by the horizontal slot on the left plug.
  • 30-Amp Outlets – If you need to power major appliances like a water heater, furnace, or RV, you need to install a 30-amp electrical outlet.
  • 50-Amp Outlets – 50-amp outlets are necessary for powering ovens, air conditioners, clothes dryers, and other power-intensive appliances. These are the most powerful outlets installed in homes.

Request an Electrical Outlet Installation Appointment Online

Hopefully, you now see the immense potential in installing new electrical outlets in your home. You can have outlets anywhere you need, and you can have all the power you need in the outlets you have. Most importantly, we can help you ensure that all of your outlets are safe and up to the standards of the 2020 National Electrical Code. When you work with our team of licensed electricians, you’ll never want to work with anyone else. Request your electrical outlet installation appointment online now!