Emergency Electrician Services in Chattanooga, TN

Trust Our On-Call Emergency Electricians

Have you ever found yourself without power at the most inconvenient time? Perhaps you've noticed an outlet that sparks when you try to plug in your phone charger. Whatever the case for you, electrical emergencies like these are common. To stay on top of the issue, you need emergency electrician services you can count on. Fortunately, families in Chattanooga and Hixon, TN and Ringgold, GA can look to Mr. Electric of Chattanooga for help. Our expert team provides 24-hour service to get your power up and running again. Learn more about our services and when an electrical problem may actually be an emergency.
Emergency Electrician Services in Chattanooga, TN

Trust Our On-Call Emergency Electricians

A row of electrical repair tools on a blue Mr. Electric placemat
  • Most people would rather not call for residential emergency electrician services. Many think it's more inconvenient to get a fix than to simply deal with the problem. But this couldn't be further from the truth. In lots of cases, electrical emergencies cause safety hazards and property damage if not addressed quickly. At the first sign of trouble, get in touch with our seasoned team of electricians. Look to Mr. Electric of Chattanooga for help addressing all these problems:

    • Flickering lights
    • Constant circuit breaker trips
    • Hot electrical switches or outlets
    • Burning smells
    • Buzzing noises coming from outlets or switches
    • Wet electrical panel
    • Unexplained power loss
    • Electric shock hazards
Mr. Electric electrician greeting a family at their door.

How We Estimate Service Costs

Cost is a big reason that homeowners don't request 24-hour emergency service from an electric company. However, expenses are never a good reason to hold off on taking the proper safety precautions. At Mr. Electric of Chattanooga, we make every effort to keep costs low and pass savings on to our customers. Before we ever begin work, we'll present you with an accurate estimate, so you'll know upfront how much the total bill will be. While it's difficult to give a price range for electrician emergency services because of the sheer variety of issues, we can provide an overview of what influences costs. Here's what our estimates take into account:

  • Location/Distance—Each Mr. Electric location sets its own rates, and prices at Mr. Electric of Chattanooga may be different from a location across the state. Distance is also a big factor in price, as we may need to charge more to customers who live on the outskirts of our service area.
  • Parts—Replacement parts are one of the biggest influences on cost. If you only need a few screws replaced, your bill won't go up much. But the entire electrical panel needs to go, you'll see a more expensive price tag.
  • Expertise—Our electricians have years of experience in the industry and complete every job right the first time. Professionals with more knowledge and skills may come with a higher expense.
  • Time—Time is money—the longer it takes to perform a repair, the more the work could cost. In most cases, you can expect a flat fee for emergency calls, but your cost may increase if the work takes several hours.
  • The team at Mr. Electric of Chattanooga is proud to offer exceptional services with transparent pricing. Whether you come to us for commercial emergency electrician services or routine maintenance, we're honoured that you've trusted us with restoring power to your property. Get in touch with our seasoned electricians at the first sign of an emergency, and we'll write up a no-cost estimate.