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The automotive industry is gradually shifting away from gas-powered vehicles, with electric vehicles (EVs) taking the lead. Although it is good news for the environment and our air quality, not all homes are equipped to support EV charging stations. For those who own or plan to purchase an electric vehicle and want the convenience and safety that an EV home charging station provides, Mr. Electric of Allegan, Kalamazoo, Ottawa & Van Buren Counties offers a variety of high-tech, fully equipped EV charger systems in Allegan, Ottawa, Van Buren, and Kalamazoo, MI. We also provide expert EVSE installation and maintenance services.

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What Is an EVSE Charger?

If you're uncertain about the type of EV charger you need, we've compiled some basic information to help you decide. There are three types of EV charging devices: Level 1 Charger, Level 2 Charger, and Level 3 Charger:

  • Level 1: Comes standard with most electric vehicles and can be plugged into any normal three-prong outlet, making it easy to use without any EV charging station installation required. However, the Level 1 charger charges the vehicle batteries very slowly and is best suited for overnight use, taking 20 hours or more to fully charge a car's battery.
  • Level 2: A more advanced EVSE charger that works much faster, taking about three hours to fully charge an EV. It requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit and must be professionally installed in your garage.
  • Level 3: The standalone device you see at public charging stations that can add 160 miles of driving range to an EV's batteries in about half an hour. While it is prohibitively expensive for most EV owners and has an industrial-level power draw that makes it unavailable to homeowners, if you own or work at an industrial building, it is possible to have a Level 3 charger installed there.

How to Choose the Right EVSE Charger

When choosing the right charger for EV, there are several factors to consider. The first consideration is the type of EV you own and its charging requirements. Different EVs have varying charging capabilities, so choosing a charger compatible with your vehicle is essential. The second consideration is your driving habits. If you frequently need to recharge your EV, a Level 2 charger may be your best choice. This option provides a higher charging rate, allowing you to recharge your EV in a shorter time frame. Additionally, you should consider where you plan to install the charger, as this can affect the installation cost and the charger you choose. Overall, choosing the right EVSE charger depends on your unique needs and circumstances, so it's essential to research and consult an expert before making a final decision.

The EV Charging Station Installation Process

If you choose to install a Level 2 EVSE charger in your garage, we will conduct a thorough examination of all equipment before installation and inspect your site to ensure that the equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. We will also upgrade your electrical system and set up a new dedicated 40-amp, 240-volt circuit with 8-AWG wiring to accommodate the higher power demand of a Level 2 charger. We will also install the EVSE equipment according to all National Electrical Code and local permit/code requirements and perform a start-up inspection to ensure the equipment functions correctly in its operational setting. Finally, we will provide all the necessary information about your EVSE equipment, including its features, proper usage, restrictions, maintenance, and warranty conditions.

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