GFCI Outlet Installs Protect Your New Braunfels, TX Home

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Mr. Electric of New Braunfels can help protect your home and family with a GFCI outlet installation in your New Braunfels, TX home. Though you may have never heard of a GFCI outlet, chances are you’ve encountered one in a friend or family member’s home. GFCI outlets are required in certain areas throughout the house to ensure it’s compliant with electrical codes. Our licensed and experienced team of professional electricians can determine where inside or outside of your home, new GFCI outlets should be installed. Our team has the right tools and equipment to help keep your home updated with the latest electrical systems. Learn more about GFCI outlets. Then contact our team to schedule your installation.

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H3: Discover the History of GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCI outlets have been required by electrical codes in homes since 1971. Since that time, their popularity and need have continued to grow. Many areas throughout your home require GFCI outlets to help prevent electrical fires and reduce the likelihood of electrocution. However, older homes may still not be up to code. Luckily, the knowledgeable and licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of New Braunfels will inspect your home’s interior and exterior to ensure that it complies with all electrical codes. GFCI outlets are required in the following areas:

  • Spa & Pool Areas Since 1971
  • Home’s Exterior Since 1973
  • Bathrooms Since 1975
  • Garages Since 1978
  • Kitchen Countertops Since 1987
  • Crawlspaces & Unfinished Basements Since 1990
  • Wet Bars Since 1993
  • Laundry and Utility Sinks Since 2005

How Can I Test My GFCI Outlet?

It’s essential to test your GFCI outlet at least once a month to ensure its operating correctly. Luckily, testing is simple and only takes a few minutes. GFCI outlets’ most distinguishable features are the “test” and “reset” buttons on the front-facing plate. Monthly testing ensures that your home is safe. If your GFCI outlet fails any of the following steps, stop using it immediately and contact our electricians for a replacement GFCI outlet. Follow these steps every month to test your outlet:

  • Press “Test” – Pressing the test button will stop the electrical current to the outlet.
  • Use the Outlet – Plug a nightlight or something else with a small electrical output into the outlet. The electronic should remain unpowered.
  • “Reset” the Outlet – Once you’ve confirmed power isn’t flowing through the outlet, unplug the electronic and press “Reset.” Resetting the outlet will allow power to flow through it once again. 

Where Are GFCI Outlets Most Commonly Found?

GFCI outlets are typically required or used in parts of the home where water is present. They are designed to trigger a shut-off the moment the power flowing into the current differs from the returning current. This safety feature makes it ideal in areas of the home that may experience unstable electrical conditions caused by water. Installing a GFCI outlet in the following locations may help prevent electrocution and house fires:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Basements
  • Outdoor Outlets
  • Pool Areas
  • Hot Tub Areas
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • And More

What Are the Benefits of a GFCI Outlet Installation?

As a homeowner, it’s important to take all reasonable steps to ensure you and your family are safe. A GFCI outlet installed by our experienced professionals is a fast, simple, and effective way to protect your home. When you choose Mr. Electric of New Braunfels, we will recommend locations for a GFCI outlet installation. A better understanding of the benefits of these safety outlets will help you make the right choice. Some of the benefits of GFCI outlets include the following:

  • Prevent Shock – Your GFCI outlet closely monitors the flow of electricity. The slightest deviation of electrical current will cause your outlet to turn off completely, preventing electrocution.
  • Prevent House Fires – Old, degraded wiring can cause inconsistent electrical currents. GFCI outlets will prevent an electrical current from surging, which often leads to an electrical fire.
  • Stay Up to Code – If you own an older home, installing a GFCI outlet will help bring your home up to modern electrical codes. While they may not be required by law, it is much safer for you and your family.

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Homeowners throughout New Braunfels, TX and the surrounding communities trust the expert electricians at Mr. Electric of New Braunfels for all their GFCI outlet installation and replacement needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the very best service and experience. When your electrical upgrades can’t wait, you can count on our electricians to be there for you. We offer flexible scheduling options and upfront pricing. Join our Advantage Plan and receive priority scheduling and members-only specials. Contact our team today to get started.