Circuit Breaker Installation and Updates in New Braunfels, TX

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Is your home or workplace prepared for the technological future? Now more than ever, employees and members of your family rely on various devices for entertainment, work, and convenience. Mr. Electric of New Braunfels provides circuit installation and updates to home and business owners in New Braunfels, TX. Our team of knowledgeable and trained technicians can provide you with thoughtful recommendations to ensure your home or office’s electrical needs are met. All the work we perform is backed by our “Neighborly Done Right Promise,” so you can feel confident the electrical work will be completed correctly and on time. Speak to one of our team members today to get started.

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When’s the Best Time to Upgrade My Circuit Breaker?

As a property owner, it’s critical to the safety of you, your family, or your employees to ensure your electrical system can handle the electricity used. Knowing when to upgrade or install a new circuit breaker will provide you peace of mind and better performance and flexibility from your property’s electrical source. When we perform a circuit breaker upgrade, we may need to replace the breaker, wiring, and outlets. The best time to upgrade or install a new circuit breaker includes the following:

  • Overloading Circuits – Circuit breakers are designed to trip when overloaded to prevent electrical outlet damage. However, if you’re experiencing a continual breaker trip, it may indicate a damaged, aging, or faulty breaker.
  • Power Draw Issues – Certain appliances, such as your home’s dryer, oven, or fridge, utilize more power. If operating them causes your lights to dim or flicker, they require power at the upper limits of the circuit’s capabilities. Upgrading the breaker will prevent this from happening. 
  • Warm Outlets and Breakers – One way to identify the need for a circuit upgrade is warm outlets or breakers. When the voltage reaches the high capacity for the breaker, it becomes warm. We recommend upgrading the existing breaker to one with a higher power to avoid possible electrical fires.
  • New Appliance Installation – New appliances, including a meet freezer or window AC, can strain your circuit breaker, causing it to trip. Our team can ensure there are no issues with your new appliance by installing a new circuit or upgrading an existing one to meet the appliance’s power needs.
  • Age – Like most things in your home or office, age plays a role in the safety and efficiency of your circuit breakers. Old breakers may struggle to meet the electrical needs of your new devices.

Why Should I Upgrade My Circuit Breakers? 

As homes and offices become more dependent on electronic devices, ensuring their electrical needs are met is critical. When necessary, upgrading your circuit breakers helps prevent electrical fires and reduces electrocution risks. Our top priority is making your home and office more efficient and safer by providing expert service. You can expect responsive services when you choose Mr. Electric of New Braunfels for new circuit breaker installation or upgrades. We have assisted home and business owners throughout New Braunfels, TX and the surrounding community to meet their property’s electrical needs with high-quality services. Our customer-focused approach ensures you receive the services you want and those you need.

Choose Mr. Electric of New Braunfels for Reliable Service

Homeowners throughout New Braunfels, TX rely on Mr. Electric of New Braunfels for circuit breaker installation and updates because we offer high-quality services and honest pricing. You can count on our team of electricians to come to your home, assess your circuit breaker, and provide you with a recommendation for an upgrade. Installing or upgrading your circuit breakers gives your home or business the power you need to run uninterrupted while preventing electrical fires and potential injury. We have access to high-quality systems to power your home and all its devices and appliances. Speak with an electrician and schedule your service estimate and assessment