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Electrical Outlet Replacement

Need an electrician to add or replace an outlet?

Get it done quickly, indoors or out.

Non-working electrical receptacles can be replaced with regular outlets, childproof outlets, or GFCI outlets. Learn more about each type of electrical outlet installation below.

Electrical Outlet Replacement
Need an electrician to add or replace an outlet?
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  • Damaged outlets, wiring, or other items replaced. Install new rectangular outlets for a modern look. Replace 2-plug outlets with 4-plug to add capacity. 3-prong outlets can replace 2-prong in older houses. Add or replace 240 amp outlets for large appliances. Wiring added to install a receptacle in a new spot.

  • Childproof outlets keep inappropriate objects out. 'Safety Shutters' only allow electrical plugs in. Also known as Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRR). Install new outdoor outlets for spas, pools & lights. Water-tight covers protect against the elements. All new & replaced outdoor outlets are GFCI type.

  • Also known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. A safer choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Prevent shocks in areas where water is present. Power is cut off if a dangerous condition is detected. Bring a home to modern building code standards. Typically fit in the same space as a regular outlet.

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Including for Atlanta Electric Outlet Repair & Replacement

  • Emergency electrical outlet replacement with no added fee
  • We're always easy to get in touch with, and quick to respond
  • All the work we do is covered under the Mr. Electric Warranty
  • All electricians are licensed and certified, using approved parts
  • Quality workmanship plus reasonable prices equal great value
  • The On-Time Guarantee: If we're late, pay no Consultation Fee

Business & Rental Services

  • Commercial Electrical Outlet Replacement in Atlanta: The technicians at Mr. Electric are pro's at electrical outlet repair and replacement, within compliance, at your office building, retail store, restaurant and more.
  • Rental Property Electrical Outlet Replacement in Atlanta: Keep everyone safe by replacing indoor and outdoor electrical outlets that aren't working. Be sure that GFCI outlets are installed in appropriate areas.

Stay Safe with These Electrical Outlet Tips

If you detect any of the conditions below, quickly unplug any appliances, turn off the corresponding breaker, and check for possible fire. For any of the issues below, contact Mr. Electric and explain the situation to get a quick response.

  • Black burn marks on or around the outlet
  • Sizzling or buzzing sound around the outlet
  • The wall around the outlet feels warm
  • Smoke coming from the electrical outlet

More Helpful Electrical Tips

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